Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the individuals and events which have shaped African and Caribbean communities, as well as our collective history.


It also provides space for Black students to explore and articulate their own experiences, and a focus for the whole University community to discuss and address the on-going challenges facing Black communities in Britain and around the world.


The Students' Association's Black History Month celebrations take place during national Black History Month in October and are led by our Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Campaign.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Black History Month at the University, and we hope to deliver a diverse and engaging programme of online events, which will be published below shortly.


We'll also use this page to highlight events from around the University community and city.


If you have any questions about Black History Month or the Students' Association's BME Campaign, or would like your event to be featured in the programme, please email



Black Excellence 2.0

October 1st,19:00-21:00; Online


Start Black History Month in style with the Black Ed Movement and the African and Caribbean Society's Black Excellence event, celebrating Black talent at the University. Find out more and register on Eventbrite.



Black Feminist Scholars: Blackness in Academia 

October 14th, 16:00; Online


The first session of, Girl Up Edinburgh and BlackEd Movement's joint venture, Black Feminist Space's webinar series: Black Feminist Scholars. Find out more and sign up to attend on the Eventbrite. 



Soul Food

October 14th, 19:00-20:30; Online

The BME Campaign would like to invite you to come along to an evening of poetry and reflection intended to nourish and empower.


2020 has and continues to be tough for Black students. As we fight for our lives and community, it is important to remember to take a beat to replenish our weary bodies and souls. Join us as we celebrate blackness: black art; black joy; black culture.


'Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare' - Audre Lorde


We will hear a few powerful poems from the talented Courtney Stoddart before we open the floor for a conversation led by the 2020/21 BME Officer, Ayanda Ngobeni and Courtney. 


Sign up to attend here on Eventbrite and let your friends know that you're going on Facebook.



"Disposable lives; ungrievable deaths"

October 20th, 17:00; Online


Join the School of History, Classics and Archaeology for a talk by academic John Siblon exploring the commemoration of African colonial troops after the First World War. Sign up to attend here.



100 Great Black Britons

October 23rd, 13:00-14:00; Online


Join LSE for a great Black History Month event with Angelina Osborne and Patrick Vernon, the authors of 100 Great Black Britons, to celebrate the publication of their new book. Find out more here and register via Zoom from October 9th.



Dardish with: Black Arabs Collective and Sarra Wild

October 24th, 15:00-16:30; Online


Join Dardishi for an online discussion and Q&A with Black Arabs Collectives’ Amna Mohamed Ali, facilitated by Sarra Wild of 0H141. Find out more and reserve your ticket here.


Copy Right 

October 28th, 11:10 - 16:30, Bookable Slots in person at George Square Gardens EH8 9JZ


You know the drill. You go to an event and in a sea of whiteness a photographer grabs a few photos of the room. 6 months later a friend tags you in an Instagram post and you see your face advertising another event or service.

We are here to put it right. Copy Right.


We want you to be able to celebrate your blackness and take control of your own image. Literally.

In-line with social distancing, we are hosting a photo call. Book a slot, wear whatever you feel comfortable in and get some professional shots taken of you.

Take control of your own image and get a few free, professionally taken pictures to use as you wish by booking a slot.


Sign up to attend on Eventbrite and let your friends know you are going on Facebook 


Flavours of Racism

October 28th, 19:00-10:30; Online


How racist does someone have to be before they are "a racist"? Does it matter? Are microagressions actually micro? How does white supremacy manifest in every day life?


These are some of the topics and themes that our fantastic panel will be tackling in Flavours of Racism. Taking a no holds barred approach, we want to have a frank conversation about racism.


This is not an event that aims to assuage white guilt. Instead we want to provide Black activists space to speak their mind and for the Black community at the University of Edinburgh to articulate the reality of the racism that we face.


We hope that Black attendees will leave the event righteously angry but also having had their experiences validated.


We would like white attendees to leave having a sense of the scale of the racism we face as well as understanding that the onus to be actively anti-racist is on them, not just the black people they know.


Sign up to attend on Eventbrite and let your friends know you are going on Facebook



The Digital Empire

October 29th, 14:10-15:00; Online


Are you interested in learning more about empire and colonialism? Thinking about reflecting on these themes in your dissertation? Then come along to this Dissertation Festival session exploring the collections available to University of Edinburgh students to conduct original research into the history and legacy of colonialism.


Find out more and register here.



Behind the Rhodes Statue: Empire and the British Academy

October 29th, 17:30-18:30; Online


Join RACE.ED for the fourth lecture in their Edinburgh Race Lecture Series with Professor Robbie Shilliam and Dr Katucha Bento. The talk will explore the complicity of the British Academy in colonialism and the implicit assumption that Black presence works as a destabilising forceagainst the ethos of Higher Education. Find out more and register on Eventbrite.