Programme Representatives are the foundation of student representation at the University.


They represent the views of their peers, ensuring that academic and support staff are continually listening to and engaging with students to improve the student experience.


Ultimately, Programme Reps will work in partnership with staff to improve the student experience for current and future students.


This page contains further information on the Programme Rep role, how you can become a Programme Rep, and how staff can support Programme Reps.



Programme Reps are student ambassadors, who represent a cohort of their peers - usually all students in their year on a particular Programme.
Programme Reps are responsible for gathering student feedback, communicating this in a constructive way to relevant staff, and closing the feedback loop by letting students know how their School has responded to any concerns raised.
They make do this by directly communicating with staff, or by bringing issues to Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings which should take place at least once a semester.
Programme Reps also work with other student representatives including School Representatives and Sabbatical Officers to escalate issues which go beyond a single programme.
Becoming a Programme Representative is an excellent opportunity to:
  • Gain transferable skills, including communication, negotiation, and leadership.
  • Meet new people, including students and staff from your School and across the University.
  • Give a voice to students like you, on the issues that matter, from teaching and learning to study spaces, and academic community.

Programme Representatives are well-supported by staff within the Students' Association and their School. The Students' Association delivers comprehensive training at the start of the year to empower Programme Reps to be effective in their roles, and offers development opportunities throughout the year, including skills-based training workshops and the Edinburgh Award for student Leadership.


Being a Programme Rep is a flexible commitment, designed to fit easily around your studies and other responsibilities you may have. 

In the first week of the semester, your Course Organiser or Programme Director should let you know about the election or selection process for Programme Reps in your School.
If you haven't heard from them, contact your Teaching or Graduate Office for more information.


While the Students’ Association continues to be a key source of support for Programme and School Representatives, we know that student representatives are most effective in Schools where they also receive support from Academic and Professional Services staff.


Further information and guidance can be found in the University's Student Voice PolicyGuidance on SSLCs and Guidance for Schools regarding communication between student representatives and students.


If you have any questions regarding Programme Representatives, of student representation more broadly, please contact