Registering to vote is vital to ensure that students’ voices are heard at a national level and is one step towards making informed decisions about your future. 


Below you’ll find loads of information to help you register to vote, work out what elections you are eligible to vote in, how to actually cast your vote, and where you can find more information.  


It just takes a couple of minute to register! Do it now at GOV.UK.  




Am I eligible to vote? 


You can register to vote if you are a British, Irish, European Union or a qualifying Commonwealth citizen. See below for more information on which elections you are eligible to vote in.  


If you’re not sure if you can register to vote check this list


How do I register to vote? 


Register Online


To register to vote visit the website


In order to register to vote you’ll need your National Insurance Number. 


If you do not have a national insurance number please enter that you are a 'student at the University of Edinburgh' so that electoral registration staff can verify your application using local data. 


Students from the UK can register to vote at both your home and term-time addresses, however you can only vote in one location in a general election. 




How can I vote?


When you register to vote you can decide how you want to vote. There are three different ways to vote, and they are:


  1. In person at a polling station: you will be sent a poll card before an election telling you where and when to vote.
  2. By post: you will be sent a postal ballot which you post back to vote.
  3. By proxy: you can get someone to vote in person on your behalf


What elections can I vote in?


In the UK and Scotland there are a number of different types of elections:



Vote here or at home?


If your home and university addresses are in two different UK local authority areas (e.g. your university address is in Edinburgh but your home address is in London) you can register to vote both at University and at home. This means you can vote in local elections in both areas.


However, you cannot vote in both areas for a general election, so when there’s a general election you’ll have to decide where you want to vote. This means when it comes to a general election you can decide where you think your vote will have the biggest impact.


How do I decide who to vote for?


The Students’ Association’s campaign to get students to Register to Vote is impartial, and does not seek to influence students on who they vote for. However, we do want to ensure you have the resources you need to make an informed choice, therefore we will add further links and resources to this page as they become available once an election is called.