Edinburgh students have been making change since the Student Representative Council was first founded in 1884.


From small changes that make a big difference to students’ lives, to national campaigns and international solidarity, our history is proof of the power of collective action, a legacy we’re proud to continue to this day.  


The Students’ Association gives you the opportunity to have your say and make the changes you want to see in the University and beyond. 




Becoming a Programme Rep is the easiest way to shape your University experience by working alongside other students and academic staff at the course and programme level to gather feedback and improve the academic experience. 


In most cases, Programme Reps are recruited at the beginning of the academic year – if you are interested you should speak to your Programme Director or Course Organiser. 


You can find out more about the Programme Rep role by emailing reps@eusa.ed.ac.uk



There are hundreds of students across the University working to represent you. If you have an issue or an idea which would improve life for students at Edinburgh then you can contact your representatives or a staff member in the Students’ Association’s Representation and Democracy team


To see who your representatives are and contact them, visit Find Your Reps




Student Council is the democratic decision-making body of the Students’ Association, and all students are welcome to submit motions for discuss, attend meetings, and vote. Getting involved in Student Council is the main way students can shape the direction of the Students’ Association and set our priorities. 


Find out more about Student Council, including the dates and deadlines for future meetings here.




Every year, students like you cast over 35,000 votes to select the students who will represent them for the coming year. From Liberation Officers and School Representatives to our Sabbatical Officers, these students are working hard every day to make your voice heard and improve your University experience. 


Standing in our elections is a great way to get more involved in the University community, achieve real change for students like you, and develop transferable skills. 


Find out more about our elections, including how to stand and vote here