Postgraduate Elections 2019



Thanks to everyone who took part in this year's Postgraduate Elections, from candidates and their supporters to all those who took time out to vote! 


The results will be announced at a Results Night and Celebration Event on Friday 18 October in the Dining Room, Teviot Row House at 5.30. All students are welcome to join our candidates, current elected reps, and Students' Association staff to celebrate their hard work and find out will be representing Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research students across the University in the year ahead! 


Below you'll find a list of all the candidates who stood. Results will also be available on this webpage after the results event. 





Biological Sciences Postgraduate School Representative


Saidiburkhaniddin Adikhanov

Johanna Benndorf

Sam Haynes



Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Representative


Mohammod Kamrul Islam

Niki Stypidou



Business Postgraduate School Representative


Hrvoje Bilic

Meri Naski

Moomal Unar

Stellar Zhang



Chemistry Postgraduate School Representative


Jonny Dennis

Ella Rice



Clinical Sciences Postgraduate Representative


Kheshav Balkissoon

Catrinel Gheorghiu

Ankit Prasad



Divinity Postgraduate School Representative


Stephen Dolan



Economics Postgraduate School Representative


There are no candidates in this election.



Edinburgh College of Art Postgraduate School Representative


Jiapo Chen

Glen McLachlan



Education Postgraduate School Representative


Brad Crews

Diego Rates

Bingying Ye



Engineering Postgraduate School Representative


Taijasi Bakde

Nikitha Rajendran



GeoSciences Postgraduate School Representative


Leling Xiao



Health in Social Science Postgraduate School Representative


Shruti Anand

Avani Jain



History, Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate School Representative


Panayiotis Anagnostopoullos

Matilda Brown

Drew Dangell

Siena Wood Hutton



Informatics Postgraduate School Representative


There are no candidates in this election.



Law Postgraduate School Representative


Ahmedul Kabir

Amal Matovu

Chandra Ram

Andrea Scarpello

Pleayo Tovaranonte



Literatures, Languages and Cultures Postgraduate School Representative


Xiaotong Ma

María Victoria Velasco Sánchez



Mathematics Postgraduate School Representative


There are no candidates in this election.



Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences Postgraduate Representative


There are no candidates in this election.



Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Postgraduate School Representative


Shivani Khanna

Alice Marikan

Jonathan Rittmo

Daniel Wilde



Physics and Astronomy Postgraduate School Representative


Ophelia Gunn



Social and Political Science Postgraduate School Representative


Michelle von Euw

Agathe Nowak

Helena Ramsay

Ali Saood

Lavanya Vedhanabhatla



Veterinary Studies Postgraduate School Representative


Happison Chikova

Patrick Lennard



Postgraduate Taught Representative


Estelle Bill

Senqing Hu

Ameer Ibrahim

Marci Kay Livingston

Elizabeth Okoro

Lang Qin

Grace Sprockett

Irvin Noé Romero Villalobos

Allison Wilkerson



Postgraduate Research Representative


Fabio Battaglia

Sidong Sun





NUS UK Conference Delegates


Emily Andrews

Mansi Dwivedi

Akhil Ennamsetty

Thomas Evans

Toby Gay

Max Gergel

Senqing Hu

Kingsley Jones

Amal Matovu

Vijay Menezes-Jackson

Manjunath Jamathi Nagaraja

Khalis Ariff Mustafa Reza

Ailie Ross-Oliver

Sidong Sun

Caitlin Thompson

Andrew Wilson

Leling Xiao



NUS Scotland Conference Delegates


Zejin Duan

Akhil Ennamsetty

Thomas Evans

Senqing Hu

Amal Matovu

Vijay Menezes-Jackson

Enkuush Mergen

Khalis Ariff Mustafa Reza

Sidong Sun

Andrew Wilson





As we are still performing eligibility checks on some candidates, candidates for these positions will be announced next week.


Activities Representative (Academic)


Ara Kim

Khalis Ariff Mustafa Reza

Ata Tuna



Activities Representative (Advice and Community)


Weison Lin

Kuan Leng Vu (Jacqueline)



Activities Representative (Campaigning and Awareness)


There are no candidates in this election.



Activities Representative (Media and Broadcasting)


There are no candidates in this election.



Activities Representative (Physical and Outdoor)


Gaia Pazienti