About the Role of Vice President Welfare



If you're passionate about student support at Edinburgh, committed to amplifying the voices of our marginalised students, and able to deal with sensitive issues compassionately, you could be the perfect Students’ Association Vice President Welfare. 


Please note, the role of Students’ Association Vice President Welfare is a fixed-term (for one year), full-time position, based in Edinburgh, with an annual salary of around £23,000.  


If you will not have completed your studies by June 2020 and you are elected, you will need to arrange with your School to take a 12 month break from your studies, returning to complete your degree when your Sabbatical year ends in June 2021. 


All newly elected Sabbatical Officers must be available for an induction period between May 25th to June 4th, before officially beginning in your role on June 8th.  


Your induction will continue over the Summer, with a busy schedule of introductory meetings and activities to help you plan your year – you should therefore avoid booking any prolonged periods of annual leave during this time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this period, please email elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk as soon as possible. 




As one of the five Sabbatical Officers at the Students’ Association, you will be responsible for representing Edinburgh’s 40,000 students on the issues that matter to them. 


The Vice President Welfare role is varied and challenging – one day you might be sitting on a University strategy group, shaping the future of mental health support at Edinburgh, and the next you could be utilising your relationships with key staff in the University to advocate for students affected by an issue. You might be leading on a behaviour-change campaign, or providing practical support and advice to our Liberation Officers


You will have the opportunity to work on your own priorities, supported by Students’ Association staff, but you’ll also need to react to issues that arise throughout the year. 


All five Sabbatical Officers are automatically Trustees of the Students’ Association, meaning you are part of the wider Trustee Board – along with four additional student Trustees, and three externally-appointed Trustees – which has collective responsibility for the strategic direction, legal compliance and financial health of the organisation. 




Being a Sabbatical Officer is a significant commitment – Edinburgh's students are relying on you to be their voice on the big educational and social issues that matter to them. 


You’ll be working around 37.5 hours a week, and there is likely to be some weekend and evening work, depending on your role and your priorities for the year. 




We know that becoming a Sabbatical Officer can be daunting, so we have plenty of support in place to help you make the most of the role. 


You’ll be invited to a short welcome meeting in the Spring where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Students’ Association Senior Management and learn more about your induction into the role. 


From May 25th, you’ll spend a week shadowing the out-going Sabbatical Officer team, and having some initial essential induction – learning all about the role and any on-going projects in your remit. You’ll then spend a week at a residential training with the in-coming Sabbatical Officer team, and the Senior Management Team, getting to know each other and planning for the year ahead. 


During the Summer, you’ll have a range of introductory meetings with key partners within the Students’ Association and the University, as well as the opportunity to attend training sessions on topics like chairing meetings effectively, interpreting financial information, managing conflict, and media skills. 


As Vice President Welfare, you’ll be supported by the Students’ Association’s Welfare and Liberation Coordinator, and you’ll meet with them regularly to check-in on your projects and campaigns. You’ll also work closely with and have support from the Students’ Association’s Senior Management Team, and access to on-going coaching from a mentor within the University. 



Being a Sabbatical Officer is incredibly rewarding – you have a real opportunity to shape students’ experiences here at Edinburgh and their lives for the future. 


In the role, you’ll develop key transferable skills like leadership, negotiation, relationship-management and communication, and the experiences you have as a Sabbatical Officer will give you plenty to talk about in job interviews and on your CV. 


Each of the five Sabbatical Officers receives an annual salary of around £23,000, paid monthly. 




If you have any questions regarding the role of Vice President Welfare, you can contact the following people: 



If you have any questions regarding the elections, please email elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk.  




The first step is to check that you're eligible – in order to become a Sabbatical Officer, you need to be a matriculated student at the time of the election, prepared to work full-time from June 2020 to June 2021, and able to sign a Declaration of Trust, Eligibility and Responsibility


If you’re eligible then click here to submit your nomination – you'll just need to fill out some basic details. The deadline for nominations is 23:59 on February 19th.  


Once your nomination has been submitted, you’ll need to download, complete and return the Declaration of Trust, Eligibility and Responsibility and Trustee Code of Conduct. Once we have received your nomination and your completed declaration we will confirm your nomination. 


Once your nomination has been confirmed, we strongly suggest that you arrange a time to come in and speak with a member of Students’ Association staff about your candidacy and campaign. They can provide you with more information about the role of Vice President Welfare, offer advice on shaping your manifesto and planning your campaign, and answer any questions you might have. You can arrange a meeting by emailing elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk.  


This year, the Students’ Association will be producing a range of physical and digital promotional material featuring all Sabbatical Officer candidates. In order for us to fully promote your candidacy, we need a high-quality portrait of you and three key manifesto pledges. 


To sign up for a slot with our in-house photographer, please email elections@eusa.ed.ac.uk. The portraits they take of you will be used in Students’ Association promotional materials including posters, digital screens, and social media graphics, but you’ll also have access to them if you’d like to use them for your campaign. You need to have been photographed by February 24th, and for consistency we cannot accept photographs not taken by our photographer. 


You can use this form to submit your manifesto points. We'll display the three points you submit alongside your photograph in our promotional materials so they should capture your vision and priorities, if elected. The deadline for this is 23:59 on February 24th.  


You can then upload your candidate photo and full manifesto, letting students know why they should vote for you. The deadline for this is 12:00 on February 26th.  


There’s lots of advice on planning your campaign available online here, including specific guides on Creating your Manifesto, Creating Posters and Flyers, In-person Campaigning and Campaigning on Social Media. 



You can nominate yourself by following this link or clicking the button below.