Student Elections 2021



In March we elect our Sabbatical Officers, Undergraduate School Representatives, and a number of other University-wide positions including Liberation Officers, Section Representatives, and Activities Representatives.


Nominations will be open from January 11th at 12:00 GMT, and close on February 17th at 17:00 GMT. 


You can find out more information about the positions available below.





If you're thinking about running, or know someone who should stand, click on the buttons below to let us know.





You can also email at any point if you have any questions regarding the elections process.


We will announce the full list of candidates on February 22nd. Campaigning will start at 12:00 GMT on March 3rd, and voting will be open from 10:00 GMT on March 8th to 17:00 GMT on March 11th.


This March, you'll be voting for:


  • Five Sabbatical Officers, who will take a break from their studies to work full-time for a year representing students at the highest levels of the University.
  • Five University-wide Liberation Officers, representing Black and Minority Ethnic (BME), disabled, LGBT+, trans and non-binary, and women students.
  • Five University-wide Section Representatives, representing mature, part-time, and international students, as well as student parents and student carers.
  • Undergraduate School Representatives, representing undergraduate students in your School.
  • Fourteen Activities Representative positions, representing students involved in our societies and volunteering groups.
  • Delegates to fill our remaining places at NUS conferences.