Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the main Welcome Week questions we get asked. If there's anything you need to know that's not covered here get in touch with us on Facebook @EdUniStudentsAssociation 


1. What is included in the Welcome Week Wristbands?


All events included in the Entertainment Wristband can be found here

All events included in the Postgraduate Wristband can be found here



2. How do I purchase a Welcome Week Wristband? 

The Entertainment Wristband costs £47.50, and the Postgraduate Wristband costs £25. Both can be purchased online here. 


Please collect your Wristband on the University campus from our Welcome Week Box Office in the Teviot Row House Garden, Bristo Square. The Box Office will be open from 9am – 9pm, from Saturday 7 September 2019 – Sunday 15 September 2019.


2. What happens if I lose my Welcome Week Wristband? 

Treat your wristband with care! Your wristband is non-refundable and if you lose it you won't be able to get into evening events and some daytime events. Unfortunately we are unable to replace lost wristbands so please keep it on for the full week.


And remember, you need to wear your wristband all week so don’t pull the clasp too tight! 


Welcome Week Admission Policy

Entry for Welcome Week Wristband Holders  


A valid and complete Welcome Week Wristband grants free entry to all Students' Association events included in either the Entertainment or Postgraduate Wristband offer. The Students' Association buildings when there are no specific events running will still be open to everyone during the duration of Welcome Week. 


The Entertainment or Postgraduate Wristband gives guaranteed entry (before 11pm) to all BIG Welcome Week evening events within the individual Entertainment or Postgraduate event listings.


A Welcome Week Wristband is not proof of ID. If you want to purchase alcohol in union buildings you will still need photographic ID such as a driving licence, passport or anything bearing a PASS logo. 



Entry for Students without a Welcome Week Wristband


Individuals without a Welcome Week Wristband will be able to gain entry to events, however there will be a charge per event (see individual event listing in the What's On Guide for price).

The Welcome Week Wristband is designed to save you money if you wish to attend more than two or three events during the week and is recommended. Individuals without a Welcome Week Wristband are not guaranteed entry to union events on any nights during Welcome Week. 



1. I am going to be 17 in September. Can I still attend the Welcome Ball and other night events?

It is not necessary during Welcome Week, or any other time of year, for matriculated Edinburgh University students to prove that they are over 18 to gain entry to our venues. However you are required to carry proof of age with you if you wish to purchase or consume alcohol. Acceptable forms of proof of age are - current, valid EU driver’s license, current, valid passport and ID with ‘Pass Logo’. 


Only over 18s can drink or buy alcohol in our venues, all visitors will have their age checked upon entry to the building and those over 18 will be issued a wristband to buy alcohol.



2. Can my friend who attends another University / is not a student come to events at Edinburgh University Welcome Week?

Welcome Week is programmed for new students at Edinburgh University and is open to Edinburgh University Students only.



3. How do I get a ticket for the "FREE TICKETED" events?


Please report to the meeting point on the day and time of the event. You will then be provided with an entry ticket. Please note that some events reach capacity quickly so if you want to secure your place please arrive at the meeting point early!



4. Where are the Welcome Week meeting points?


Meeting point A, B, C and D can all be found in Teviot Row House garden. The points will be marked by individual flags.



Any questions? We're here to help! 

Our team of Welcome Week volunteers are on hand all week to answer any questions you may have. Keep an eye out for them on campus in their bright t-shirts!


Students' Association receptions are open daily in Teviot and Potterrow from 9am – 5pm.