Teddy Bear Hospital Edinburgh

    Teaching children about health and healthcare


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    Teddy Bear Hospital Edinburgh (TBHE) is a health promotion project and EUSA volunteering group run by Edinburgh students. Our purpose is to teach local children about health and healthcare through play.


    Our ‘clinics’ have two main aims:

    1. To teach about health and promote healthy behaviour through fun, memorable games.
    2. To show that visiting the doctor or a relative in hospital doesn’t have to be a scary experience.


    Clinics take place in local schools and scout/guide groups, working with children aged 4 to 7. On the day of the visit, children will be encouraged to bring a poorly teddy or another toy, along. Our Teddy Doctors work together with the child to decide what is wrong with their toy and how to make them better. The visit also includes other games about health, staying healthy and how to stay safe.





    Since it is our Teddy Doctors who will be working with children at 'clinics', training of our Teddy Doctors is of utmost importance.

    Training for Teddy Doctors explores:

    - The games and how we play them

    - How to communicate with young children, including how to teach children about health and healthcare in a fun and easy to understand way

    - Child Protection


    TBH Edinburgh carries out PVG disclosures on all trained Teddy Doctors, and these are required before you can work as a Teddy Doctor.




    We hope too that being a Teddy Doctor will improve the confidence and communication skills of our students and help them to forge links with their local community.


    Training and working as a Teddy Doctor is useful for students from all subject areas.





    Clinic Coordinator
    Satyam Parida
    Jingjing Wang
    Disclosures Officer
    Alasdair Smith
    Jenny Suepiantham
    Publicity Officer
    Lucy Craig
    Elizabeth Drinkwater
    Social Secretary
    Alexandra Thompson
    Training Coordinator
    Flora Flinn
    Patrick Corbett