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    Celebrating Scotland's unique arts and heritage. Bringing together those interested in/wishing to be involved in the Arts and Heritage sectors either personally or professionally.


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    Are you interested in all things arts and heritage? We are a society dedicated to bringing those at Edinburgh Uni and beyond interested in museums, galleries, historic buildings and gardens together. Are you interested in learning more about Scottish culture? Interested in the arts and the opportunities it has to offer? Preparing for a career in the heritage sector? We'd love to hear from you


    Following our recent EGM we rebranded ourselves from the 'Arts and Heritage Volunteer Group' to the 'Arts and Heritage Society' to fully encompass the wide range of things the society has always offered. We provide volunteering opportunities to cater to interest in/dedication to the arts and heritage industries as well as career development workshops and employment opportunities.


    The aim of the 2018-2019 Committee is to hold multiple monthly meet ups - a museum trip, an art gallery trip and a social meet-up. Look out for updates across our social media concerning times and dates. While based in Edinburgh we aim to provide multiple trips further afield throughout the calendar year as well as journal opportunities in the new year.


    You can get involved with us through Facebook, our email newsletter or Twitter! Sign up to hear about everything we are doing and enjoying this year or contact one of our committee members by emailing 


    Note: no membership or payment is necessary - everyone is welcome to join, get involved, and turn up! 








    Development (Art & Galleries) Officer
    Isabel Duffy
    Development (Journals) Officer
    Rhaine Morgan-Mcgregor
    Eliva Wong
    Development (Museums) Officer
    Kirsty Campbell
    Events Officer
    Hollie Baddick
    Carmen Hesketh
    Publicity Officer
    Rebecca Burney
    Lily Mellon
    Rosie Byrne
    Alex Lindqvist