Homelessness and Inclusion Health Society

    We aim to link students and community organisations that seek to improve the health of those that are most vulnerable in our society. Our goals are better education of the public and provide a service


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    • Homelessness and Inclusion Health Society Student Membership£3.00

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    Welcome to our society page and thank you for paying it a visit! 

    HIHS is a society that is built around two main pillars: Of getting the student community more integrated and involved in health services for the homeless and other vulnerable populations, and on educating the public on the issues of homelessness and health access in our university community. 

    Given the current situation with COVID-19, the homeless population and other marginalized populations are even more vulnerable. While what we can do as students is limited, we are in close contact with the Edinburgh Access Practice, Centre for Homelessness and Inclusion Health, and other third party organizations that will advise us as students on how best we can help in this difficult time. This may mean that this year, as a new society, our goals are more focused towards educating our university community and helping in ways that aren't face to face. 

    Please follow us on social media to find out what we'll be up to moving forward, and we can't wait to be working with you. 

    Associate Member
    Sarah Eshkour
    Emily Hogg
    Rachael Lamb
    Health Advocacy and Education
    Jonathan Grey
    Chiara Cotronei
    Isabelle Hodgson
    Isaac Bonisteel
    Sophie Dodds
    Vice President
    Beatrice Lofthouse
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Akua Crankson
    Phoebe Thackray