Report a Scam

I’m sure I’ve been scammed—what do I do?


Act quickly.

If you think that you may have been scammed then take action immediately. If you have given financial details or passwords that could access your bank account – let your bank know immediately and change all of your passwords to your accounts.   If you have transferred money through Moneygram or Western Union, contact them immediately to try and stop the payment.  In rare cases you can claim compensation.


Don’t keep it to yourself and report it.

Scammers rely on your reluctance to report them because you think you have been foolish.  You are not to blame, the scammer is 100% at fault.  Reporting this could stop someone else being scammed.

If you are in Scotland you can make a report of the crime to a local Police Station or by calling 101.  The Advice Place can help you to do this.  If you are not in Scotland you report the crime through the Action Fraud website.


Continue to be on your guard.

Scammers will often follow up a successful scam with another one where they offer to help you recover your money somehow, usually by posing as someone who deals with fraud cases. You should never have to pay anything to recover money you have lost because of a scam.


Contact the Advice Place.

We will help you find safe accommodation and give advice on how to deal with the financial consequences of being scammed.



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