Calculating Costs

What will my fees cost?

The amount that you will need to pay in fees depends on your tuition fee status. This is determined by a number of factors, including your nationality and your place of usual residence before beginning your studies at Edinburgh.


Please see further information here on tuition fee status.


More detailed information on the tuition fees for particular courses are available here.


It is really important that you look out for any shortfall between the tuition fees charged for your course and the funding that you receive, and that you have a suitable plan in place to cover this shortfall.


If you have previously undertaken undergraduate study at the University of Edinburgh and will be starting a postgraduate programme at Edinburgh, check on your eligibility for a discount via the University’s graduate discount scheme or the University’s alumni (visiting student) discount scheme.



Can my tuition fee status be reclassified?

Essentially, no. The University must comply with legislation set by the Scottish Government when it makes decisions about tuition fee status. This leaves very little room for discretion.


If you disagree with the status that you have been given, it is important to query it as soon as possible. The University will not usually consider requests for your status to be reviewed or changed after you have accepted your offer to study at the University.


If you do decide to request a review of your tuition fee status, be aware that your offer of admission to the University may be subject to you holding a particular fee status. If your fee status is subsequently revised, your offer of admission could be withdrawn. Our staff are able to provide information on how your tuition fee status will have been assessed and can also provide guidance on the review and appeals process.



How do I know how much I owe?

Once you have completed the matriculation process, an invoice will be sent to your University email account.


You can also view the full details of what you owe the university (including any payments you have made) in the Student Finance channel in MyEd (under 'Accounts' or 'Make Payments'). 


If you have any difficulty understanding your invoice or your MyEd Finance channel, contact us or the University’s Finance Helpline for assistance.



Will the annual tuition fee rate for my course change?

Overseas/International students starting a full-time taught degree programme (lasting more than one year) after 1 August 2014 are charged a fixed annual fee rate for the duration of their degree programme.


The tuition fee rate for all other students is subject to revision on a yearly basis. Further information can be found here.

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