Graduating or Withdrawing Students

Students coming to the end of their studies

Sometimes students experience a brief gap between finishing their studies and starting full-time employment. It is important to be aware of the kinds of financial support available during this period of transition. Claiming welfare benefits can help you keep your finances in order while you find your feet.


Graduating students

You will stop being counted as a full-time student, for benefits purposes, in advance of the date that you actually graduate. Our welfare team can help you to determine the earliest point at which you can begin a claim for a benefit. In some cases this will be up to 4 weeks' before your official course end date. In other cases this will be as soon as your course end date has passed.


In many cases, you will be able to check your entitlement for benefits by using this calculator. If you are an EU citizen or for any other reason are unable to use this calculator, please get in touch with our service and a member of our welfare advice team will be able to provide further information on your eligibility for benefits. Likewise, if you have any questions about the claiming process or have any other queries about benefits, we are here to help.


Ending your studies early

Changes of circumstances such as terminating your studies earlier than expected can have a significant impact upon your finances. Our advisers can help you to check with your School/College what your revised end-date will be, the impact that this will have on any funding that you receive, and your eligibility to claim benefits.

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