Academic Consequences

You are required by regulations to tell the University if you are charged or convicted of some specific criminal offences while you are a matriculated student. 


The University defines which offences must be disclosed in the Criminal Convictions and PVG Scheme policy and our advisers can offer further advice on this. 


Undergraduate students must inform their Personal Tutor. Postgraduate students must inform their supervisor or Personal Tutor. 


When you have disclosed the charge or conviction, your Personal Tutor, supervisor or Student Support Team will refer the case to the relevant College for consideration. The College will decide whether the University needs to take action under the Code of Student Conduct or, where a degree programme is subject to Fitness to Practise  requirements. 


See Code of Student Conduct and/or Fitness to Practise for more information.  


Any referral to these procedures would involve an investigation. You will often be invited to a formal interview where you will have the opportunity to put forward an explanation of the situation. Our advisers can offer advice and support with this, including accompanying you to any meetings. See our webpage Being Complained About for more information. 


Where disclosure of a criminal charge or conviction raises immediate concerns for the safety and wellbeing of students or staff, the University can take precautionary action to protect members of the University community or general public. This can involve imposing a partial or full suspension on the student. Suspension in this case is not used as a penalty and does not prejudge the outcome of the investigation. It is instead intended to reduce any potential risk and keep everyone safe. 


If the University finds a student to be in breach of the Code of Student Conduct or Fitness to  Practise procedures then they may take action against them, such as imposing a penalty or penalties. There are a wide range of possible penalties which can be applied. 


The Code of Student Conduct includes penalties such as a fine, reprimand, suspension of privileges, a requirement to move out of University accommodation and, in very serious cases, exclusion. Fitness to Practise procedures can require a student to repeat parts of their programme, interrupt their studies and, in some cases, end their studies. Our advisers can offer further information about the academic consequences of any penalties. 


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