Reporting Harassment

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You have a right to feel safe and to enjoy your experience at University. EUSA takes this right very seriously. We understand that sometimes you may wish to tell us about harassment that you have experienced or witnessed but you would like to remain anonymous.  You can text us or tell us using the form below - no one will be able to trace this report back to you, no matter what you tell us.


How do I know if I have been harassed?


As a general rule, if you feel you have been harassed, then you have been. Any behaviour that makes you feel threatened, abused or humiliated may be harassment, you have a right to feel safe.


Examples of harassment:

- Physical assault

- Damage to proprty, including graffiti and vandalism

- Initimidation or threatening behaviour

- Offensive literature, including letters, leaflets and posters

- Verbal abuse or insults

- Online bullying and abuse


Advice about harrassment


You can talk to an adviser in the advice place about harassment. We can advise you on what action you could take, this may include civil action against the perpetrator or using the University or EUSA complaints procedures or speaking to you about support agencies. We can also offer the following methods of reporting.


Third Party Police Reporting


If you would like support reporting harassment to the police, you can talk to the Advice Place in confidence. We can help you report your experience to the police, or our staff can report it for you, without you needing to be in contact with the police. 


Anonymous reporting through the EUSA website


You can use the form below to report harrassment anonymously to EUSA. No one will contact you about this report as this service is anonymous. Anything that you tell us here will be looked at by a EUSA head of department and one of the Sabbatical Officers. It may not be possible to take any action following an anonymous report in the same way that we could if you reported it directly.

If you would like help or advice on making a report please contact the Advice Place for confidential advice. If you wish to make a complaint or raise an issue about this, EUSA will support you. Read about our complaints procedure and the University complaints procedure.

Harassment Reporting Form - No one will contact you about this report and we may not be able to take any action on your report, see above for how to get advice and support.

Report your experience here:




If you decide that you would like to access some support you may wish to make use of the following: