Privacy Statement

The Advice Place is a confidential service. We will not discuss your visit, or anything you tell us, with anyone outside the Advice Place without your permission, unless either of the following circumstances apply.


- We believe that you are an immediate danger to yourself or someone else, in which case we will breach confidentiality only as far as we need to in order to involve appropriate emergency services.


- We become aware of a conflict of interest (where an adviser is supporting two students on opposing sides of a dispute) in which case we will explain to you why we need to ensure you see a different adviser.


Your adviser will keep case notes which are records of your interactions, by phone, email and in person. These are all stored on a secure system, which only Advice Place staff and the IT staff managing the system, can access. We will keep your case notes until 2 years after you have completed your course or permanently withdrawn from the University.


You can have a copy of your case notes at any time, you can also ask that they be deleted at any time.

If you give us permission to discuss your case with another person, you can withdraw that permission at any time.



If you access a loan from the Advice Place, this loan will be recorded on our loans system. We will record the date you took out the loan, the repayment date and the breakdown of how we arrived at the loan amount, for example if we loaned you £20 we might record this as 4x £5 a day for food. Where we have attached a condition to you receiving a further loan, we will record ‘condition added’ and add further details to our case notes (access to which is described above).


This information is stored on a system that the Scholarships and Student Funding team at the University have access to, they will look at this information if you apply to the Discretionary or Hardship fund in order to determine if they need to include a repayment of the loan in any award they make to you. They may also look at your loans history when making their decision. They do not have access to our case notes. Records of loans will be kept for 6 years after the most recent loan. The loans system can also be accessed by the Students’ Association's Finance team in order to process repayments.


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