During your appointment


When you contact us we will ask for your matriculation number and will use this to create a record of your contact. When you speak to an adviser they will make a record of the subject of your enquiry, any further information that it is useful for the adviser to record and the advice that they have offered. We will add to this record if you contact us again. In order to create and update this record your adviser may take notes whilst they are talking with you.


If you come to see us in person, your adviser may offer to see you in a private room. If they do not, you can ask at any time to talk in a private room and we will do everything we can to accommodate this.


What to bring


If you are coming to see us in person, please bring any relevant documents with you. This will help us to make the most of your appointment slot. If we are advising you by phone, having some of these to hand may help or you may wish to forward us some documents via email prior to the call.

Examples of useful documents might include:


Discretionary/ Hardship/ childcare funding application

3 months of bank statements for every bank account you have

Proof of rent

Proof of any arranged overdraft

Proof of any debts (credit cards, bills in arrears)

Benefits letters


Funding award letters and payment schedule


Housing enquiries

Your tenancy agreement and any relevant correspondence



Any relevant bills or letters from creditors


Council tax

Any letters or bills (if you have them)

Tenancy agreement



Proof of your 5 most recent transactions, This can be a mini slip or an online statement

Proof or any essential travel costs

Please note we can only lend money for rent where you are at immediate risk of eviction. Please bring evidence of this if you want us to consider this.


Academic Misconduct

Turnitin report

Academic misconduct report


Welfare Benefit and Tax Credit Issues


All letters from the DWP, HMRC and Council in relation to any benefits and Tax credits applied for

Decision letters that you are not happy with or wish to challenge – this is essential

Proof of income: wage slips/benefit/tax credit/details

Details of any funding you are currently receiving

Bank Statement (latest copy)

Details of any savings

Tenancy Agreement/Mortgage Details


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. If you have more documents you think you should bring, please do. Equally, if you have none, come along and we will do everything we can to help you. 



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