Appeal deadlines

The deadline for appeals is calculated from the date on which you received confirmation of the decision you wish to appeal. If you wish to appeal a course mark, you can only appeal once your mark has been confirmed by a board of examiners. This will take place after the end of the semester. Provisional marks cannot be appealed.  You should usually receive an email which notifies you of any academic decisions. You can use the date of these emails to calculate your deadline for appeals.


- If you are an undergraduate student and you want to appeal an academic decision (eg a course mark or a progression decision), you have 10 working days (two weeks) to submit an appeal, unless you are in your final year of study.

- Final-year undergraduates have 30 working days (six weeks) to appeal academic decisions.

- Postgraduate students always have 30 working days to appeal academic decisions.

- All students have 10 working days to appeal exclusion decisions.

- All students have 10 working days to appeal decisions made by Student Discipline Officers or the Student Discipline Committee.

- All students have 10 working days to appeal decisions made by a Fitness to Practise Panel.


If you are unable to complete your appeal documents in time for your deadline (eg. if it is taking some time to acquire the necessary evidence), you can email and request an extension. You should explain why you are unable to meet the deadline in your email.


It is possible to appeal after the deadline has passed, but late appeals will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. If you have missed the deadline, you should explain very clearly why you were unable to appeal in advance of the deadline. You will need a very strong reason to justify a late appeal, and you should provide some evidence that explains why you weren’t able to meet the deadline. Appeals of decisions made two or more years ago will not be considered under any circumstances.


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