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Psychology Families

Who is this for? All undergraduate psychology students
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Psychology Families


What’s it all about?

Pyschology Families is a pastoral system within the Psychology Department that is designed to provide a relaxed, fun and social environment for students to meet other students taking Psychology. A mix of 1st through 4th year students are grouped into 'family' units so students are on hand to answer any questions you might have and make the university experience even better. You can join your family for social events such as pub quizzes, a treasure hunt, ceilidh, or simply for a coffee and a chat about work or university life. The choice is yours.

How can I get involved?

There will be Flyers with further information in your school induction pack.

We will be available during all of Freshers' Week in the Psychology Building, 7 George Square.

Email PsychSoc to sign up!





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