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LawPALS Hons

Who is it for? Third and fourth year students on a Law LLB programme.
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LawPALS Hons


What's it all about?

LawPALS Hons: Building on your success to help you build your future.

LawPALS Hons are student-led large-group sessions aimed at easing the transition into Honours-level study. The focus is on getting to grips with the changing demands and commitments of moving on to the next level of your degree. The following sessions take place at key points throughout the year:

  • Session 1: Honours Seminars
  • Session 2: Honours Essays
  • Session 3: Honours Exams


There is also an additional session aimed at fourth years:

  • Session One: The Dissertation


Here is a handy 'Prezi' presentation which explains more about LawPALS and how it operates.

How can I get involved?

No need to register to attend - just turn up!




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