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Peer support group for first year linguistics students
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We are a peer support group helping first year linguistics students (LEL1/ BIL) and second year students.


These sessions are informal and second year volunteers are able to answer your questions, go through tutorial work and give you general advice about courses and University life. Please join our Facebook group to learn more, and check out our volunteer profiles (.pdf). 


We do not replace lectures and also cannot help directly with your course work - everything that goes towards your grade should be your own work! However, we are able to clear up any questions about the topics you have been taught in lectures and tutorials.


How do I get involved?


The best way to get involved with FamiLing is to go to one of our sessions! You will be able to meet people doing your course(s), which will be really useful over the next few years. You will also be able to get advice and talk to people in different years to you.


Our schedule:


Wednesday 1-3pm, we will post where we are on our Facebook group


Another great way to get involved with the Linguistics community at Edinburgh is by joining Langsoc, the Linguistics and English Language Society. By going to socials and the academic talks, you will get to know many different people from the linguistics department, including many members of FamiLing.


If you have any questions about FamiLing or would like to get involved, please contact us.




If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, please contact the Peer Learning & Support Team.