Commitee for 2017/2018


The people to ask if you have any questions. Do come and ask us to dance, too!


President Secretary Treasurer
George Phoebe Sarah
a.k.a "All Supreme Leader". The law of George reigns over the society. We bow before his mighty administrative skills. You might find him shorty George-ing around in the corner or something else equally jazzy. And here we have the brains to George's brawn! When Phoebe's not busy swinging out she's probably keeping a watchful eye over the emails or abusing her editing power over the EUSDS webpage. Our very own Sarah is in charge of our funds! Don't be afraid to part with your money, as Sarah will take excellent care of it by funding our committee holiday to, I mean wonderful dance events of course!
  The Events Team  
Clement Anne Shannon
  This year we have not one, not two, but three absolutely fabulous events organisers! These are the creative brains behind our wonderful workshop weekends such as the annual University of Swing that turns the university into a feet stomping academy of swing once a year!  
Social Secretary Publicist 'Ordinary' Member
Katherine Ray Eleanor
Katherine is our social sec and organises our riotous social events, from our boardgames socials to our monthly Badabing dance parties. Let it not be said that this society doesn't know how to have fun! Whether we're showing off on the dance floor or just having a drink at the pub, there's always somewhere to be and people to chat to. Katherine is also part-time royalty. And here we have the glamorous Ray! His job is to broadcast our event plans and make sure you lovely people know what's happening when. He also runs the society Twitter page like a well-oiled machine. When not thus occupied, Ray likes to wear amusing t-shirts. Nothing ordinary about this jumping bean! Eleanor's duties include just about anything and everything from preparing for the Fireball to joint organisation of the annual excursion to Swing Revolution dance camp. Keep your eyes pealed and you might just see her zipping around the floor in her magical dance shoes!
Teaching Coordinator   Merchandise
Adam   Lorna
Supreme dance nerd and authority on all things shag-related, Adam is now also in charge of organising teaching for our Saturday sessions and our big workshop weekends.   Looking to be bedecked in dance-y finery? Look no further than Lorna! Throughout the year, she will be guiding the society in her infinite fashion-wisdom as well as coordinating our fabulous merchandise.