Committee 2016/2017

The people to ask if you have any questions. Do come and ask us to dance, too!

The Society Constitution.




He only joined us in December but is already making his mark upon the society - Board game socials was one thing we didn't expect! 





When Belle isn't swinging out she's searching for awesome swing videos to add to the weekly horrendously punny emails. She's the one in charge of keeping us organised and filling our diaries with dates of swing events!




 Our very own shorty George is in charge of our funds! Don't be afraid to part with your money, as George will take excellent care of it by funding our committee holiday to, I mean wonderful dance events of course!



Social Secretary



Ollie is our social sec and organises our riotous social events, from club nights such as Soulsville and Itchy Feet to film nights and grub crawls. Let it not be said that this society doesn't know how to have fun! Whether we're showing off on the dance floor or just having a drink at the pub, there's always somewhere to be and people to chat to.





Events Organisers

Clément                                                                   Elliot                                                                                                                                                                                    


Anne                                                                    Elana                                                          



This year we have not one, not two, not three but four absolutely fabulous events organisers! These are the creative brains behind our wonderful workshop weekends such as the annual University of Swing that turns the university into a feet stomping academy of swing once a year!  They might even whip up some swing excursions for all of us to other out-of-town festivals! 



Performance Group Coordinators



Ray and Rosie

 These swing cats are the ones who teach and choreopgraph the routines for our crazyfun performance group to practice and take to the stage. They are also the ones who you can talk to if you want to join the perfomance group or find out more about it. You never know, you might just find yourself in front of a clapping and cheering audience! (And swing dancers make the best audiences!)






Jo Anna 

New to the swing scene and all it's vintage glory? Not sure where or even how to obtain stylish clothing from the swing era? Jo Anna is your lady! She holds the key to the narnia of swing attire and is more than happy to bring an array of items to jazz up your look at any swing event. 



President: Milo
Secretary: Belle
Treasurer: George
Social Secretary: Ollie
Wardrobe: Jo Anna

Events organisers: Anne, Elliot, Clement and Elana

Performance Group Coordinators: Ray and Rosie