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Edinburgh's People & Planet is part of the UK's largest student network taking action both on and off campus to raise the ethical, environmental and social standards of Universities and beyond.

Take a look at what we got up to last year in our massive Responsible Investment Campaign! Which will be continuing into 2013-14. See the campaign website for more info.

More information about People and Planet Edinburgh can be found on our website where you can also see our upcoming events and sign up for updates!

Please also check out this video of what we got up to the year before:

To get involved with our exciting plans for this year:

Come along to our Weekly meetings:

TUESDAYS 7-9pm in the Chaplaincy auditorium - all welcome! These can be events, discussions or workshops.

WEDNESDAYS - PLANNING meetings, 5-7 PM upstairs in the Chaplaincy Centre, Room 2. This is where the real campaigning starts - we'd love to have you involved.

To get updates of our events, Sign up to our WEEKLY NEWS EMAIL by sending a blank email to:


We are a passionate and active group and work on many issues, including Fairtrade & Trade Justice, Ethical Investment & Research, Peace & Justice and the Environment & Climate Change. Our past achievements include getting Fair Trade products into union outlets, kickstarting the 'Transition Edinburgh University' initiative and getting the University to engage in a discourse on withdrawing its shares from arms companies and investing their billions ethically.


You can be part of it and help to make these changes happen! Here are a few ways you can get involved:


1. Come along to one of our meetings - open to everyone - not just members, and not just students. You may come to as many or as few as you like. There are usually snacks or Fairtrade tea and coffee available.
2. Subscribe to our mailing list
3. Become a member (for free)!
4. Keep up-to-date via Twitter
5. Join our Facebook group


There is no need to be worried about dropping in every so often, or to hesitate in taking the lead on an action. This is your group, everybody is welcome and all input is appreciated!

See you soon!



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