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Humanism is defined as "a rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters". This definition can be simplified to the idea that humans should treat each other well without the need for religion. 'Atheism' and 'agnosticism' are sometimes considered synonyms of humanisms, however while atheism and agnosticism indicate positions of belief and knowledge respectively, humanism is more about the application of this belief/knowledge on the world and people around us. The Humanist Society aims to establish a social environment for University of Edinburgh students who identify as humanists or non-theists (agnostics and atheists). We host weekly socials  at Teviot or Pleasance where members can discuss common interests and current events. The Humanist Society also hosts a few humanism-related educational events throughout the academic year, these events are often led by an external speaker. Details on socials and events can be found on the Humanist Society facebook group or facebook page. The British Humanist Association and Humanist Society Scotland campaign to promote secularism, for example by campaigning against faith schools and promoting the inclusion of Humanism and non-religious viewpoints into the religion education syllabus of schools. The BHA also provides a helpful quiz if there is doubt about whether or not you are a humanist.

See us at the Activities Fair on Setember 13th - 14th at 60 Pleasance from 11a.m to 4 p.m. We're having a 'What is Humanism?' talk on the 19th September. Our first social of the year on the 19th September at 20:00 (straight after our talk) at New Amphion Teviot, and a pub crawl on the 26th September starting at 20:00 in New Amphion in Teviot. Links should be available above, you can find all our events on our facebook group.

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