Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative

Hearty Squirrel is a student- and volunteer-run food cooperative at the University of Edinburgh. We aim to provide affordable, healthy, local, ethical, organic food to the University community.

Whether its local veg or organic rice, we are keen to show that food doesn't have to come from a supermarket! And its often cheaper, tastier, and better for the planet when it doesn't.

You can find the Hearty Squirrel shop in the basement of George Square lecture theatre (beside the main library) in Central on Thursdays from 11-5pm.

On Mondays from 11am-3pm we sell organic dried foods. Pop by to get some bargain rice, nuts, pulses, dried fruits, peanut butter, jam, tinned tomatoes, and heaps more. Members can also order in bulk straight from the green city catalogue, tips on how to do this are on the website http://heartysquirreledinburgh.weebly.com/, or please come by the stall for a chat.

On Thursdays we do a veg bag scheme, selling an assortment of local, organic, tasty vegetables to the university community at cost price. The veg comes from Whitmuir Farm, an award winning organic farm just 15 miles away.  

This term we are also planning to do a farm visit, run food workshops such as bread making, and lots more!

Please do get in touch if you're interested in helping out with the dried foods stall or with our local veg bag scheme on Thursdays. Its heaps of fun and we are always in need of volunteers to keep these exciting foodie ventures going, so hopefully see you soon! 

Check out our website and facebook for more details:


https://www.facebook.com/groups/299782660075515/?ref=ts&fref=ts (Hearty Squirrel Cooperative Edinburgh)

If you have any questions please contact us: heartysquirreledinburgh@gmail.com


  • Hearty Squirrel Food Co-op Academic Year Non-Student Membership£3.00



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  • Constitution

    18 May 2012

    Hearty Squirrel Food Cooperative Constitution