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Gamesoc is Edinburgh Uni's only society dedicated to video gaming We host a variety of events throughout the year including LANs, pub nights, tournaments, paintballing and laser quest!


Edinburgh University Video Gaming Society (or just GameSoc) is the University's only society dedicated to playing video games. All are welcome, whether you’re into hardcore competitive gaming, would rather chill, or are somewhere in between. We host regular 12-hour LANs  every three weeks throughout the academic year and have a 24-hour LAN during the second semester, details for which can be found on our Facebook group and page (links below). We have various tournaments running throughout the events on both console and PC, which can involve anything from short games of Mario-kart and Smash Bros to much longer Civ. games, so everyone can get involved. Aside from tournaments, members are free to play any of our games on the society’s consoles (currently an Xbox 360 and a Wii) as well as bring any other games or consoles that they might have along for the day. Most members tend to bring either a laptop or full gaming rig along to LANs too, and we hold a “What Game Will You Play” poll on Facebook in the week leading up to the LAN so that you can find people playing the same kind of thing as you and sort out a group in advance.


In addition to our LANs, we have a weekly pub night at The Auld Hoose every Thursday at 8pm, providing a more regular opportunity to get to know other people from the society, have a laugh after a long week of classes, and have a cheeky pint or five. Members also get 15% off food, which is definitely worth it when it comes to their famous Nachos. We also arrange official society nights out, with over 70 people attending our 2014 Freshers’ Pub Crawl and end up on plenty of impromptu adventures on Thursdays (and other nights) too.


Finally, we hold esports viewing events depending on what’s happening in the gaming world as well as non-alcohol and non-gaming related socials throughout the year, including paintballing and collaborations with other societies.


To find out more about us, find us on Facebook/Twitter/in person at one of our socials or message us online. Membership is £5 for students/£10 for non-students and provides free-entry to all 12-hour LANs (normally £3) and 15% off food at The Auld Hoose. We also hold a 24h lan in semester two every year for some serious gaming. 

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Want to join us?
  • Game Soc (Gamesoc) Student Membership£5.00
  • Game Soc (Gamesoc) Non-Student Membership£10.00


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  • GameSoc Constitution

    21 Apr 2012

    The Computer Games Society (GameSoc) constitution as updated during the 2016 AGM.