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Welcome to FolkSoc. Get involved with some of the great things we have going on during the week:



Ceilidh Band Practice – Monday 8-10pm 

FolkSoc has its own ceilidh band, and you can join, and get PAID GIGS like a boss!!  On one condition.  You come to ceilidh band practise, to learn our sets.  You could also learn to call the dances, which will get you more gigs.  Giggity.

Location:  Pleasance Music Room



Tune Teaching – 8-9pm

“Oooo”, “Eeee”, “Aaaa”…These are some of the sounds our members make at Tune Teaching, where one of our expert members* teaches a tune, to be learned by ear.  This year, for the first time, tune teaching will be divided into two classifications – Old Favourites, and New Friends; that is to say the tunes that our members already know and love, and those which nobody knows nor loves…yet.  These alternate from week to week.

Tune books are also another good way of learning FolkSoc favourites.

Location:  Life Church

Session - 9-11pm

After Tune Teaching comes the main event of the week, the FolkSoc Session, where we all play tunes, sing songs, and frivolate together.  You could start a set of tunes if you like, or just join in with whatever other people start – the choice is always yours at FolkSoc!

Location:  Life Church



Manx Session – Wednesday (fortnightly) 8-11pm

Everyone knows about Irish and Scottish music, but what about the other Gaelic nation, the Isle of Man?  Well you could learn some of their tunes too!  There are plenty of jigs and slides, as well as songs too, so there’ll definitely be something to tickle your…fancy.  Manx Sessions alternate with BalFolk.

Location:  Pleasance Music Room

BalFolk – Wednesday (fortnightly) 8-10pm

Have you ever been curious about the music of far and distant lands?  No?  Well BalFolk isn’t for you.  But if you have, you might enjoy the tune teaching and dance instruction at BalFolk’s easy going relaxed session.  From Swedish Polskas to Breton An Dros, all European tunes are welcomed at BalFolk, which takes place on alternate weeks.  The next BalFolk session will be next week.

Location:  Pleasance Music Room



Song Group – Thursday 8-10pm

Would you like to learn some “songs” and “sing” them in a “group”?  Then by all means, come along to “Song Group”!

Location:  Pleasance Music Room



Captain’s Session – Saturday 1-3pm

Would you like to play some tunes in a pub?  Would you like another session in your week?  Do you go to bed so early that getting to a FolkSoc session is usually a struggle ’cause it’s past your bedtime and you like sticking to schedules because you’re slightly insane?  Then go to the Captain’s Session!

Location:  The Captain’s Bar

Every year we go on at least two trips away - to a different location every year in the autumn, as well as our annual journey to the Orkney Folk Festival every May.

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