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Meet the 2017/18 Committee!




   President - Lavannya Manohar        

Hi! I’m Lavannya, a 3rd year medic and the president of EBC this year! EBC is a very warm and welcoming society, so whether it is for fitness or to learn the dance form/culture or simply for the great social element, do come along! Looking forward to dance and perform with you all!  











          Vice President - Mehak Bammi

Hi I'm Mehak and I'm excited to be EBC's Vice President this year! I come from a non-dancing background (I'm serious, I'd never danced in my life) but EBC made me love Bhangra and little did I know that it would become such a major part of my first year! It's an amazing workout, and we can't wait to meet you guys! So, come down for our classes and give it a shot, because the most important thing while doing bhangra is to SMILE  










Secretary - Caitlin Allen         

Hello! I’m Caitlin and I’m super excited to be Secretary this year! When I joined EBC I was overwhelmed by how welcoming everyone was. I have made so many excellent friends and have great fun dancing with them every week. What I love about EBC is no matter how much experience you have are always made to feel welcome and anyone can take part in performances, which is the most fun bit! Can’t wait to see you all in class this year!!









Treasurer - Raj Tadi








Dance Captain - Solène Margueret          

Hi! My name is Solène and I am one of the choreographers and dance teachers for EBC. I'm a 5th year Chemical Engineer and have been in EBC since my 1st year! I love my role here and am looking forward to meeting new people through the society.













Dance Captain - Subhashini Dharmapalan

Hey guys, I’m Subhashini and I’m very excited to be one of the dance captains this year! EBC welcomes everyone with big warm hugs (seriously we love hugs :P) that will make you feel right at home. Can’t wait to start dancing with you all!













Dance Captain - Vishwani Chauhan 

Hey! I’m Vishwani, one of EBC’s dance captains this year. Born in Delhi and raised in Singapore (amongst other places), I’m currently a second-year UoE medic. Bhangra is always an enriching experience that combines cardio-intensive fitness and cultural learning with super fun socialising. We can’t wait to see you enjoying this as much as we do  








Publicity and Marketing Director - Varshini Vijayakumar

Hey I’m Varshini and I’m a fourth year medic! I’m EBC’s publicity and marketing director for the year. I started dancing bhangra last year and have loved it ever since, and I’d like to get as many people involved as possible! I really love how friendly and diverse the EBC community is and there’s so many reasons why people join: to learn a new dance form, keep in touch with their culture, to keep fit or just to make pals, listen to spicy bhangra beatz and drink heaps of chai  see you at class! xo









Props and Costume Co-ordinator - Pallavi Pillai