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Who we are

ChillSoc is a vibrant community of friendly, chilled out people who enjoy massage, conversation, laughter, music and food.

Our main focus is teaching, learning and sharing massage but we're also pretty good at talking and eating, too.


Feel free to drop us an email at for any further information.


You can also join our facebook group to get to know more about us, keep up-to-date with the latest events and classes or to suggest any ideas for the society.





  • ChillOut Society Student Membership£5.00
  • ChillOut Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • Chill Out Society Academic Year Student Membership£7.00
  • Chill Out Society Academic Year Non Student Membership£7.00


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Classes & Socials

Check our Facebook page for details of upcoming events, socials and courses!



Our annual weekend retreat to Rosslyn, with massage, yoga, meditation, food, drink, walks and board games (including the ChillOut Society unofficial mascot game The Great Dalmuti!).

The cost includes food, drink, massage classes, meditation and yoga workshops and SCRABBLE.

We ask that you all bring one dish each that will be enough for four for dinner. We'll provide food for lunch/breakfast/snacks.

The bus there and back will cost £3 and you can get it from Lothian Road. We'll organise a meet up nearer the time.





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check our facebook page for details of upcoming events!


  • Annual Report 2015 2016

    25 Mar 2016

    a run-down of the activities of the society this academic year for accountability purposes

  • The Constitution

    10 May 2012

    a written record of established precedents according to which the society is to be governed.

  • Annual Report 2014 2015

    18 Mar 2015

    a description of the activities and successes of the committee this academic year for accountability purposes