Founded in 1884, the Edinburgh University Socialist Society is a radical force on campus, bringing together anti-capitalist groups and individuals to discuss what socialism is, and  to better equip ourselves in the fight to build a better society. For a brief history of the society check out the Wikipedia article.


We understand the importance of education and outreach, especially at a time when so many people are wondering how and why the current system has let them down so badly. With this in mind we reguarly organise workshops, discussion groups, debates, reading groups, films, skillshares, field trips, socials, and more!



Get Involved!


If you're looking to get involved in the anti-capitalist, anti-cuts, and anti-injustice groups and campaigns on our campus this is a great central hub to meet many members of the wider community and to get involved.


We have room for vanguardists, reformers, revolutionaries and those of us unsure as to where we stand. If you want to get involved drop us an email or just walk around campus a bit looking for dangerous radicals and approaching them. While the latter sounds like much more fun I suspect you may have more luck with the former.


And make sure to like our Facebook page!



The Committee


The Society has an elected committee, responsible for getting stuff organised:


President: Adarsh Sekhar
Secretary: Jamie Sutherland
Treasurer: Claire McIntyre
Campaigns: Max Crema
Membership & Outreach: Ellie Brayne-Whyatt
Education: Hamish Kallin & Mike Shaw
Publicity & Communications: Adam Eagleson

Social Secretary: Rory Scothorne
Women's: Kate Newby
BME: Amy Shinzaki
LGBTQ: Unfilled
Disability & Mental Health: David Arnold







  • New Constitution

    10 Apr 2013

    The constitution of the Edinburgh University Socialist Society, including committee positions, safe space policy, and voting procedures.

  • Old Constitution

    29 Mar 2013

    Old constitution.

 Utopia now: we can bring it about. The power is ours if we have the will!
—  EUSS 1884 manifesto.