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The Polish Society is an open and friendly community aiming to help students get together and spend some quality time in an awesome company through a variety of social events, ranging from pub meetings, theme parties and cooking events to lectures given by guest speakers.We work towards spreading Polish culture through organising celebrations of our national holidays and feasts as well as running Polish language tutorials. Being an active member of the Polish Society is a great opportunity for Poles to share their culture and for everyone else to get to know a bit about it. In addition to the cultural exchange benefits, participating in and contributing to the PolSoc events is a great opportunity to develop your personal skills or simply have some fun while eating some of our delicious pierogi!



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Freshers Representative
Kasia Swiech
Marketing Officer
Martyna Zimny
Paulina Szymczak
Olaf Tomala
Mateusz Cytrynski
Vice President
Anna Szymczuk

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