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Hello Juggly People! Juggling Society is about more than just throwing and catching things, although we do admittedly do a lot of it. For many, it has been their first introduction to a world of amazing performing arts, strange new hobbies and a global network of like-minded, somewhat obsessive jugglers. Some of our members offer optional free workshops in a wide range of disciplines, including beginner 3 ball juggling, contact juggling, uni-cycling, staff, poi and far more besides. No previous experience is required as we are always willing to help you learn, and equipment is freely available for use at society events/meetings.



The Dome, Potterow, every Wednesday, with the first meeting Wednesday 21st September 2016. 
Times: 18:00 - 20:00 (You don't have to stay for the entire time. You are free to come whenever you want and stay for however long you want!)

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  • Juggling Society Student Membership£1.00
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The people with the power
Tom Summers
Miroslav Trifonov
Alexander Briggs


  • Consitution

    13 Apr 2016

    The rules upon which this great society was founded