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Edinburgh University Lithuanian Society welcomes all existing and especially new students to build one big family of all Lithuanians and everyone who comes from a similar cultural background or is simply curious to learn more about our little country. We try to help new students to settle down in Edinburgh in their first few months as students in Scotland as well as support existing students through forming a welcoming community. 

We also organise regular meetings that discuss Lithuanian issues, culture, and current affairs, celebrate national holidays and emhasise the available career opportunities. Our social events are a great opportunity to meet Lithuanians and people who are interested in Lithuanian culture in an informal setting and make loads of new friends. We try to foster Lithuanian culture, language, cuisine and traditions, introducing it to those who find it interesting and providing a community for Lithuanians in Edinburgh.


Committee Contacts:
Tautvydas Skrolis
Inga Grazulyte
Ginte Petrulionyte
Vice President Activities
Migle Siauciulyte


Edinburgh University Lithuanian Society Constitution 2016


  • Lithuanian Society Student Membership£3.00
  • Lithuanian Society Non-Student Membership£4.00