Revelation: we draw out hidden talents and abilities in a fun environment. Want to try conducting? Teach a song? Sing a solo? Join band? Sure!

Rock-Gospel: we sing whatever the choir wants to sing, from Rock to Gospel! We have no musical director, and students run the choir. The committee organises which songs are taught, and any member can volunteer to teach a song or suggest a song to be taught. It's a christian based choir, so there tends to be some christian members and we sing some christian songs, but you don't have to be a christian.

Choir: we like singing together. Remember there are no auditions! So if you like singing... come join!

EdRev is a branch of the national network, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choirs.


We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in The Chaplaincy (next to Potterrow). ALL WELCOME.

To join, just turn up to a rehearsal. You can pay membership (£5 per semester for students, £10 for non-students) by going and talking to the treasurer.


You can join the mailing list in 3 different ways:

  • Put your email address on our list at Freshers' Fair.
  • Give the secretary your email address at a rehearsal.
  • Email us and ask for your email address to be added to the mailing list.
Email us here:
This is our facebook page. Here we will give you an idea of what we're getting up to with public posts and pictures. I recommend looking at the 2016-2017 yearbook, which is shown as a picture album on the facebook page.
We also have a facebook group, which you should join when you join the choir. We tend to use this group to plan socials and chat more. EdRev Facebook Group.
Our recent concerts have been recorded by the National Rev volunteer tech crew, hyphen technical. You can watch previous concerts online here, and it's the same website where our concerts are streamed live. click here for videos.
Quotes from Members
"Once a week all my troubles were replaced with music and laughter in one of the most supportive communities I've ever had the fortune to be a part of. I am happy to say that after only a semester of being in rev I am a more confident and mature person. Joining this group was the best choice I ever made! I highly recommend it!" - Nica
"Rev always makes me smile. Uni might be getting busy and stressful, but those two hours on a Tuesday evening melt away all troubles as we sing, chat, eat cake, and have fun with friends! I'm so glad I joined Rev and I'm so proud of this choir which I've fallen in love with." - Anna C
"Rev Choir is made great by its members. Upon entering a rehearsal, you will probably walk into loud gaggles of laughter, big smiles and someone trying to teach a song to he happy and messy group. But behind the apparent chaos there are passionate people who love their choir." - Anna G


Events Coordinator
Samantha Mascarenhas
Music Coordinator
Erica Cham
Anna Colvile
Siri Sakya
Rachel Scott
Beth Revuelta


  • EdRev Constitution 2018

    01 Apr 2018

    Aims and Values, descriptions of committee roles, and legislation, including clauses required by EUSA.