Welcome to the Edinburgh University African Caribbean Society!

The Edinburgh University African and Caribbean Society aims to enrich its members culturally, academically and socially; primarily by developing an engaging community and support system for those of, or interested in African or Caribbean cultures. Secondarily, we aim to educate our peers about the realities of Africa and the Caribbean and what it means to be from these cultures. We are as inclusive as Africa and the Caribbean: home to people of all ethnicities and religions.


EUACS works in collaboration with other EUSA societies and ACS' accrosss the UK to host a large events every semester, as well as biweekly socials which give our members the chance to:

  • Socialise within a diverse group, make connections and form friendships that could last a lifetime.
  • Explore African and Caribbean food, music, arts, politics and much more.
  • Access professional and academic development opportunities through our sponsors and links with several major recruitment firms.


EUACS welcomes EVERYONE, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. 

Come and soak up the history, entertainment and culture of Africa and the Caribbean!