Big Cheese Cap

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The Big Cheese is the biggest and best student club night in Edinburgh and we’ve created brand new and exclusive Big Cheese Merch. It’s time to treat yo’self and show your love for the Big Cheese! You can’t under-grate the merch, it looks so gouda on anyone! The question is, are you the biggest cheese in town? 


This Big Cheese Cap in vibrant surf blue with the classic Big Cheese branding will go perfectly with any outfit – cheesier the better!


The cap is a great accessory for all the sunny days we have in Edinburgh, oh - and the few rainy days too, but perhaps it’s an even better accessory for your big Saturday night out at the Big Cheese. So what are you waiting for?

Grab the merch now and forever have a memento of the best student club night in Edinburgh! 

  • Beachfield cap
  • Surf blue
  • One size fits all