VP Welfare

Niamh McCrossan





My role as Vice President Welfare focuses on the wellbeing of all students. This includes everyone’s mental, physical, financial and emotional wellbeing. It also includes working on equality, diversity and inclusion. I lead and work on campaigns in relation to these issues, and work with the university to create a space that is encouraging, supportive, and representative of all students. 

Email me at VPwelfare@eusa.ed.ac.uk








I'm Niamh McCrossan, your VP Welfare for 2020-2021. I came to Edinburgh from Belfast to study International Relations and Law. I had originally applied for courses in ECA, but after taking a year out after high school to study in America, I became very engaged in human rights and world affairs and changed my UCAS application last minute! My experiences with EUSA have involved working in their retail department and forming my own social enterprise, The Noisy Movement. TNM is a fundraising platform for students to engage with social issues, leading campaigns focussing around consent and male mental health. I look forward to using all that I have learnt through these years in my role as VP Welfare. If you want to get involved, please send me an email or pop into the office anytime!