VP Welfare

Oona Miller





Leading on representation and liaising with the University on matters relating to student wellbeing lie at the centre of my role as Vice President Welfare.  I coordinate and lead campaigns in relation to welfare, and equality and diversity issues including student safety, mental and physical wellbeing, and inclusion.

Email me at VPwelfare@eusa.ed.ac.uk








I’m Oona Miller, your VP Welfare for 2019/20. I moved to Edinburgh from my beloved Glasgow to study Politics in 2015. I have been a political activist since I was 16, and became involved in student politics (with some hesitations!) almost as soon as I first stepped foot in Teviot. I have helped run student societies and more recently led on campaigning around campus accessibility, something which is extremely close to my heart, having grown up as a young carer. Music is also a huge part of my life: I come from a family of musicians and still play in the Music Society Symphony Orchestra. I love a good chat so send me an email or pop into the office anytime!