VP Education

Stephanie Vallancey




My role as Vice President Education is key in supporting effective academic experience for all students at the University of Edinburgh. I coordinate and lead campaigns and projects in relation to all elements of the academic experience, including learning and teaching, academic facilities, quality assurance and enhancement, university academic policy and processes.

Email me at VPeducation@eusa.ed.ac.uk





I am Stephanie Vallancey, your elected Vice President Education for 2019/20. I studied (MA) Health, Science and Society and grew up in Oregon. I spent my free time either outside hiking or playing basketball. 

During my time here at Edinburgh I have been representing students since first year as a program rep, and finished off my fourth year as the school rep for School of Health in Social Science. In these roles I’ve helped create a PALs scheme within my school, and continuously work to enhance the learning experience for everyone.