VP Education

Diva Mukherji 




My role as Vice President Education is key in supporting effective academic experience for all students at the University of Edinburgh. I coordinate and lead campaigns and projects in relation to all elements of the academic experience, including learning and teaching, academic facilities, quality assurance and enhancement, university academic policy and processes.

Email me at VPeducation@eusa.ed.ac.uk





I’m Diva Muherji, your elected Vice President Education. I studied Sociology and Social Anthropology for the past four years but before I came to Edinburgh I lived in Kolkata, India.


Last year, I was the Students’ Association’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer. Having co-founded LiberatEd in 2016, I’ve helped secure a course exploring race relations, develop a paper presented at Learning and Teaching committee about the importance of diversifying the curriculum, and led workshops with students and staff across schools. Moreover, working on the BME attainment gap report has helped me develop a strong understanding of education policy work, and how to work effectively with university stakeholders. As a past class rep and PALS leader, I’m knowledgeable of the academic representation systems that exist, and can continue to help streamline the process, so students can be involved in discussions with the University when making decisions. My experience and passion to improve the lives of students’ makes me confident that with your help, we can successfully advocate for change!

1) Promoting a diverse curricula

2) Creating inclusive teaching environments

3) Developing alternative approaches to learning

  1. Improving Student Support
    1. Review the PT system:
      1. Ensure that students are matched to their PT based on area of study.
      2. Make mental health training for tutors mandatory.
      3. Ensure better communication between schools and personal tutors on joint-honour students needs.
    2. Supporting Tutors
      1. Mandatory paid tutor training.
    3. Improve access to Students’ Association services for year abroad and satellite campus students - including counselling and disability services
  2. Accessibility to Education
    1. Ensure mandatory curriculum materials are provided, and online alternatives are freely accessible.
    2. Lobby for supply-specific grants for courses that require students to purchase their own materials.
    3. Free printing credit for assignments requiring a physical hand-in.
    4. Lobby for bursaries for year abroad students on international exchange, international and PG students.
    5. Better facilities and study spaces available across campuses, including library collections, catering and social space.
    6. Improve the special circumstances system.
    7. Lobby for an opt-out policy for lecture recordings.
  3. Inclusivity in Academia
    1. Continue working to diversify the curriculum, and ensure that it platforms voices from underrepresented backgrounds.
    2. Improve the retention of students from marginalized backgrounds.
    3. Review the current unconscious bias training, and ensure that all teaching staff are versed in how to appropriately deal with situations which negatively impact students from underrepresented backgrounds.
    4. Continue developing the widening participation strategy.
    5. Lobby against the PREVENT agenda.
  4. Innovate Teaching and Assessment
    1. Mainstreaming alternative teaching and learning methods such as experiential, collaborative and online learning.
    2. Consolidating feedback through Class Reps, and developing more opportunities for co-creating curricula.
    3. Enable clearer channels of communication between Class Reps and University staff.

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