Vice President Activities & Services
Kai O'Doherty



As Vice President Activities & Services I am your lead representative in relation to the Students’ Association’s commercial services, space and facilities.  I also coordinate and lead campaigns on student development and opportunities, societies and volunteering and social enterprises.

Below is an overview of what I’ve been able to achieve and/or am still working on, and if you ever want to collaborate on any of these objectives, get in touch with me at or my Facebook account here!

This year, some of my key campaign areas have been to encourage inter-society collaboration, widening participation in activities, and to improve services.


More specifically, my objectives work has involved:


  • -    Expanding gender-neutral toilet provision across the campus through University Estates for current and future builds, which has been agreed to
  • -    Increasing the Activities & Sports Participation Grant successfully to £25k per year
  • -    Creating the first monthly LGBT+ Club Night, CRUSH, at Teviot
  • -    Launching a Skill Swap online platform for societies to share and request skills.
  • -    Investigating and reducing food waste in our commercial services, through hiring a food waste intern to pilot and evaluate a reduction strategy.
  • -    Reintroducing Meat Free Monday’s, with the help of VegSoc.
  • -    Transgender Awareness training for Students’ Association staff.
  • -    Supporting space and long-term strategizing for the International Students’ Centre.
  • -    Strategic planning at the Association for postgraduate engagement in Activities, with research planned this year.
  • -    Representing students on the Project Board for the upcoming Student Centre development.


For the rest of my term in office, I plan to continue working on the sustainability and fulfilment of the objectives above, as well as pursue the following goals:

  • -   Reusable cup: continue a campaign to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups through a potential ‘latte levy’ and other measures.
  • -    Creating How-To Guides for and by society members, on topics from event-planning to getting sponsorship.
  • -    Publishing a user-friendly flowchart to help people find which funds they can apply to for society help.
  • -    Continue to push for more postgraduate attention in the Students’ Association, and in upcoming University estates plans.
  • -    Push for an upgrade in our room booking system.
  • -    Advocate for a student-parents’ space in one of our buildings, which will be accessible to all and child-friendly.

You can find out more about what I’ve done by looking at past Student Council Accountability Reports, which can be found here.

Email me at