VP Activities & Services

Shenan Davis– Williams



As Vice President Activities & Services I am your lead representative in relation to the Students’ Association’s commercial services, space and facilities.  I also coordinate and lead campaigns on student development and opportunities, societies and volunteering and social enterprises.

Email me at VPactivities@eusa.ed.ac.uk







I’m Shenan Davis Williams, your elected Vice President Activities and Services. I study philosophy (MA), and I’m from up-north in the highlands.


During my time at university I have maintained several part time jobs which have not only been social and enjoyable, but have also helped me save up so I can spend my free time exploring the world, as travelling is one of my favourite hobbies.


I am into maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, and I am a member of Edinburgh University Women’s Lacrosse Club of which I was previously on the committee. The lacrosse team is my family away from home, and I’ve learnt the importance of societies in finding a community and developing character.

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1. Helping your societies flourish

  • Easier access and more organisation for room hire.
  • An online hub to display all society events.
  • Make societies more aware of the help they can get.
  • Encouraging smaller societies and helping societies based on minority groups and charity work.
  • Organise a discussion board for all societies to connect and exchange questions and advice.


2. Improving our services

  • Stop the use of unnecessary plastic wrapping.
  • A bigger variety for dietary requirements in Students’ Association venues.
  • More water fountains installed around campus and in Pollock Halls.
  • A loyalty card for Students’ Association venues.
  • Extend food service hours in Students’ Association venues and Pollock Halls.
  • Increase opening hours and access to available study spaces.
  • Improve and extend welcome and buddy programmes for first years, exchange students and postgraduate students.
  • Open the Wee Red Bar more regularly.
  • Introduce a grant towards materials for art students.
  • More regular print credit.
  • Better access to mandatory books and papers for your courses.


3. Encouraging involvement

  • Hold a “get involved” fair in March/April to encourage people to run for committee positions.
  • Organise available kickback for societies and clubs at Big Cheese.
  • Continue an LGBT+ night each month.
  • Continue and improve postgraduate involvement.
  • Create a stronger relationship with the sports union.
  • Create a better connection with ECA events and societies.
  • A night to showcase the unnoticed talent amongst our students.
  • Organise a university-wide sports day to encourage collaboration of societies and raise money for charity.

Coming soon