School Reps

Each School at the University elects two Representatives – an Undergraduate School Representative and a Postgraduate School Representative. Their collective role is to represent their students to the School, the wider University and the Students’ Association.


The Undergraduate School Rep represents the needs of Undergraduate students, from first year to final year of UG study.


The Postgraduate School Rep represents the needs of Postgraduate students, including both taught students and research students at Master’s and doctoral level.


The School Reps are elected in the student elections which take place in March (for UG positions) and October (for PG positions). You should go to your School Rep if you identify an issue which crosses multiple courses and programmes. Relevant school-wide issues could include:

  • - Provision of study space
  • - Transport
  • - Teaching resources e.g. lecture facilities
  • - Teaching methods
  • - Access to facilities
  • - Communication

Your School Reps for 2017/18 are:

Undergraduate School Reps

Biological Sciences: Nicole Serzhantova

Biomedical Sciences: Lauren Strickland

Business School: Connor Bok

Chemistry: Paul Appel

Divinity: Stephen Dolan

Economics: Tanya Mittal

Edinburgh College of Art: Vacant

Education: Vacant

Engineering: Hussam Ali

Geosciences: Luke Green

Health in Social Sciences: Hermina Simoni

History, Classics and Archaeology: Thomas Wrench

Informatics: Elena Lapinskaite

Law: Katharine Liu

Literatures, Languages and Cultures: Georgie Harris

Mathematics: May Underhill-Proulx

Medical School: Sidhant Seth

Physics and Astronomy: Cameron Perumal

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences: Jo-Anna Hagen

Social and Political Sciences: Camilla Hallman

Veterinary Sciences: Mary Hall


Postgraduate School Reps

Biological Sciences: Vacant

Biomedical Sciences: Vacant

Business School: Ewin Teo

Chemistry: Vacant

Clinical Sciences: Misbahu Ahmad

Divinity: Vacant

Economics: Vacant

Edinburgh College of Art: Tommaso Zerbi

Education: Laura McKenzie

Engineering: Vacant

Geosciences: Kristi Knudson

Health in Social Sciences: Andrew Waddington

History, Classics and Archaeology: Ian Boyd

Informatics: Stefanie Speichert

Law: Shona Warwick

Literatures, Languages and Cultures: James Konrad Puchowski

Mathematics: Clarisa Loga

Medical School: Vacant

Physics and Astronomy: Vacant

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences: Candice Mathers

Social and Political Sciences: Justin Ho

Veterinary Sciences: Omar Alfituri


To find out more about opportunities and key contacts in your School, please go to our School Pages.