Resources for Programme Reps

student learning experienceThe Students' Association and the University work closely together to ensure that structures are in place to support student representatives. The Students' Association have worked together with the University to develop the Student Partnership Agreement, which highlights how all students and staff can work together to enhance to the student experience. This will be reviewed annually, and overtime will document activity. 


Once School Offices register all Programme Reps, the Students' Association will enrol all Reps in the Student Rep Forum on Learn, where they will have full access to all resources and support offered to help them in their role. This includes the basic Programme Rep Online Training (with Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Refresher versions) that supports Programme Reps to gather representative feedback about various aspects of the student learning experience and work effectively with the University and the Students' Association to effect positve changes.


On the Student Rep Forum, Programme Reps will also have access to our calendar of events for Reps as well as intermediate training (offered online and in person) and additional resources.


-  Additional Information

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o   Principles for Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs)