Andrew Wilson

As your President, I lead on the overall representation of students to the University. I sit on University committees and meet regularly with members of the University leadership to represent the views of the student body and work to improve the student experience. I also work to create a Students' Association that best reflects the needs and interests of all students so that we can best support, represent and entertain you!

Whilst I am a representative of 40,000+ students, I recognise that I am only one person with my own experiences. I am always here to listen to your concerns and problems and work together to find a solution to improve your time in Edinburgh. Get in touch with me if you need help, I am always here 


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  • I'm Andrew Wilson, your Students' Association President. I'm a second year English Language and Linguistics student and a proud Northerner, growing up in the seaside town of Blackpool in England. You can chat to me about the wonderful world of British Politics, the Spice Girls or why the North is obviously better than the South.


    I have previously been involved in campaigning for change in and around the University community and I am hoping to champion and platform student voices through my role. I believe, as students, we have a duty to fight for positive change at our University but also within the wider community; tackling the rising inequality we see in society today is a priority for us all.