Eleri Connick

As your President, I lead on overall representation of your views as a student body, and liaise directly with the University to help fuel positive change. Most importantly, I work on ensuring that the Students' Association, and Edinburgh itself, is your second home. 

If you need anything, I can point you in the right direction, be a sounding board for ideas, and help make your time here the best it can possibly be.

I look forward to seeing you around campus soon!


Email me at

  • I’m Eleri, your newly elected President.
  • I’m a fourth year Philosophy Student, and have had the pleasure of being your Sports Union Vice President last year. As Sports Union Vice President last year, I coordinated several successful projects: Yoga in the Library, the Sports Union Ball 2018, Go Green with EUSU, ‘Let’s Talk: Sport and Mental Health’, the Boost your Mood campaign, and more.
  • I have loved representing the students who volunteer, coach and take part in sport at Edinburgh, and now I want to represent more students at Edinburgh.


Working to ensure all students feel secure during their time studying at Edinburgh. 



Promoting a responsive and proactive students' union and student community. 



Creatively advancing students' time at Edinburgh. 

Student Life

  • Student card on your phone to make life more convenient.
  • Lobbying the University to provide students with a reusable water bottle.
  • King’s ‘Welcome Fair’ so King’s societies and intra-mural teams aren’t forgotten.
  • More heat and eat stations across all campuses so you can bring your own meals to University.
  • Keep Wednesday afternoons free by making sure no compulsory classes happen after 1pm.
  • Free Yoga on campuses to boost your mood and give you a breather; I brought it to the library, let’s make it bigger!


Money Matters

  • 50p off hot drinks when using your keep cup at any University café- if Peter’s yard can, why can’t we?
  • Free sanitary products in all EUSA operated female and gender-neutral toilets, and lobby the University to follow suit.
  • Big Cheese entry maximum £4 at all times. So your SU night is always the cheapest.
  • Expanding the Participation Grant ensuring that it’s available to all students, so not being British doesn’t stop you from joining societies and clubs.
  • Gym membership included in University Bursaries.
  • Maintain the medical students’ food discount at Little France and The General.


Getting Around

  • Ensuring that the council improve cycle routes to all campuses.
  • Bring the Marchmont bus stop back for the shuttle bus and push for Peffermill to be added to the route to keep students safe.


Keeping Safe

  • ‘Ask for Angela’ posters in all EUSA bars so you can safely get out of dangerous situations.
  • ‘Take the lead’ sexual harassment training for all societies and sports exec committee members.
  • Name and shame bad landlords and flat companies, so that you can’t be exploited.



  • Weekly meetings with our liberation officers making it easier for them to be influential on campus.


Our Democracy

  • Recording student council so you know what EUSA are doing to represent you.
  • Weekly drop in sessions on different campuses so you can bring your frustrations straight to me.
  • Hold EUSA to account by tracking complaints and progress online.
  • More collaboration with societies, sports clubs and schools tackling big campaigns together.
  • Regular office hours with your local MP and MSP so that they can provide expert help on immigration worries ahead of Brexit.



Coming soon