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Class Reps are the foundations of student representation. They represent the views of their peers on their course or programme depending on their School's student representation structure. Class Reps ensure that academic and support staff are continually listening to and engaging with students to improve the student experience. Ultimately, Class Reps will work in partnership with staff to improve the student experience for current and future students.
Read on below to learn more about the Class Rep role, or see our pages for:
-          Class Reps – your School will recruit Class Reps and then register you with the Students' Association so you training as well as access to support, events, professional development workshops, and recognition programmes run by the Students' Association.
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The RoleClass Rep infographic
Class Reps are ambassadors who represent all students in their cohort to make positive changes to the student learning experience in their courses and/or programme. As a Class Rep, you will gather feedback from peers and discuss it with your Course or Programme Organiser directly or in Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) which are held regularly in your School. Class Reps can also work with their elected School Representatives, Sabbatical Officers, and/or other elected Reps to improve student life.

Benefits of Becoming a Class Rep
-  Make a positive contribution to the University by improving the student experience in your School for your peers - find out more about what's going on in your School and the successes of past and current Class Reps and School Reps
-  Become part of the 2017-18 Class Rep cohort as an ambassador the students you represent to your School and the Students' Association
-  Receive specialised training and ongoing support via the Student Rep Forum where all Class Reps are enrolled in Learn. The basic online training will help you understand how to represent students’ views democratically, be an effective student leader within the Students' Association, work constructively with the University, solve problems, and implement positive changes
-  Attend free Rep Learning Lunches hosted by the Students' Association to help you in your role and help you meet other Reps from across the University
-  Improve your leadership skills and employability by meeting expectations to earn recognition for your role including Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) recognition, Open Badges, and/or the Edinburgh Award for Representing Students

Your Responsibilities

Both the Students' Association and the academic and support staff within your School will support you in your role.

With the Students' Association, you will need to:

- Successfully complete the Class Rep Basic Online Training (or Refresher Online training if you have been a University of Edinburgh Class Rep before) and earn over 70% in the quiz before the deadline at the end of Week 6 (Fri 2 March 2018)
- successfully complete the short Class Rep Impact Questionnaire by the deadline at the end of Week 11 (Fri 6 April 2018)


With your School, you will need to:

- Gather representative feedback from the students you represent

- Attend and actively contribute to the organised Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings

- Close the 'feedback loop' by letting the students you represent know how their feedback was acted on after SSLC meetings
Being a Class Rep shouldn’t be overly time-consuming but, at the same time, it is essential that you take on the responsibilities of the role once you commit to it. This commitment will most likely be around 3 to 5 hours per month, or more if you take up additional opportunities as a student leader.

How do I become a Class Rep?
Speak with your Course or Programme Organiser during Week 1 of the semester to tell them that you want to be a Class Rep. They may hold an informal election in Week 2 so think about how you would explain to other students why you want to be a Rep so you can be elected. If this does not happen or you have any questions about the process in your School, speak to your School Office, Graduate School or equivalent.


The Students' Association and the University are committed to student representation and the enhancement of the student experience, as shown in the jointly published Student Engagement Statement and the Student Partnership Agreement which is currently being developed.

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