Your Representatives

Edinburgh University Students' Association Student Representatives (Reps) are elected each year to ensure that students’ views are represented within the Students' Association, the University and beyond. You can find out who they are, what they do, and how to get in touch with them using the information below.


Sabbatical Officers


The four Sabbatical Officers are elected to lead the Students' Association and work full-time on behalf of students on various issues across all areas of student life. They hold their position for a full year, starting in the Summer after they are elected. Your Sabbatical Officers for 2016-17 are:


Each year, the Sabbatical Officer team set shared objectives which guide their work for the year. This year their objectives are:


  1. Facilitating student participation and opportunities, so that all students can benefit from and develop through Edinburgh University Students’ Association
  2. Enhancing accessibility, because students in all circumstances should have equal opportunities
  3. Ensuring political awareness and engagement, to raise awareness of domestic issues directly affecting students, and to encourage participation and informed decision making through our democratic structures


Academic Representation


Each School within the University has a team of School Reps (representing both undergraduate and postgraduate students) who are elected to represent you to staff within your School (including members senior management). We also have Class Reps who work at the local level to improve individual tutorials, courses, and programmes.


Campaign Organisers


Campaign Organisers are elected to work on issues relating to your academic experience, your welfare, and matters which affect you externally to the university but are related to your student life.


Student Group Convenors


Student Group Convenors (including the four Liberation Group Convenors) represent communities of students who are either underrepresented in Higher Education or who experience oppression (including harassment and discrimination) in wider society. These Groups exist for students who self-identify into them although they may also run campaigns which students outside the Group can get involved in.


National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates


Each year delegates are elected to attend NUS Scotland and NUS UK National Conferences. Their role is to represent Edinburgh University Students' Association and vote on policy which directs the work of NUS. NUS UK Delegates are elected in March to attend Conference in April (still to be elected for this year) and NUS Scotland Delegates are elected in October to attend Conference in March.