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Welcome to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Representation page.

Here you will find useful information about your School’s student representation system.

First of all, let us introduce you to your School Representatives. Each School has two School Reps whose role is to listen to you and bring any issues you raise to the relevant staff and committee meetings, such as the Student-Staff Liaison Committee or your School Council. In the Vet School, the Undergraduate School Representative is Nirvana Leaver and the Postgraduate School Representative is Katie Anakin. Feel free to get in touch with them if you feel that you have something important to say to the School! Your School also contains SSLC Representatives who work very closely with the School Representatives, the Students' Association and the staff to ensure you make the most out of your courses. Potential areas Class Reps may engage with are issues with feedback, course content, and suitability of assessment.

The Veterinary School Council (VSC) is ran by the students and meet roughly once per month during term time. The President for 2016/17 is Faolain Barrett. Each year group (1-5 & GEP) have representatives who attend these meetings, although all students are welcome and invited to attend any meeting they wish. Staff also regularly attend parts of the meetings. Each meeting has a rough agenda posted before they meet and representatives can add any agenda items raised to them; each meeting also has an "Any other business" agenda item to allow discussion of anything that arises missed from the agenda. The meetings run from about half an hour up to an hour and half just depending on how many agenda items we have and how long it takes to discuss.

Another important thing to look out for in your School is Peer Support. The Peer Support programmes are student-led initiatives that offer guidance and advice for newer students by more experienced students. The School of Veterinary Studies runs a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme – VetPALS –for BVM&S, these are run by trained Student Leaders whose key role is to run study sessions for new students joining the School. Each session will have a theme relevant to academic life in the Vet school – from study skills to preparing lab books, exams to EMS.

The Vet School also runs a House System, to which students are allocated when they begin their studies. The Houses are named after 10 of the Pentland Hills surrounding the Vet School and each contains about 75 students, a Senior House Tutor and about 5 or 6 Personal Tutors. Each year, a group walk is usually offered to students wanting to visit their namesake hill, and there are also opportunities for inter-House competitions.

The Vet School also runs a Peer Supporters scheme which offers pastoral support and guidance to all students who choose to access the service. For more information please contact Further information here:


Postgraduate students can check out 'The Hub', an online space for postgrads, staff and alumni within the School. The Hub provides a social network with opportunities to communicate key infomation such as job opportunities and research projects. It also contains links to a number of resources containing useful information on student support and reading materials. The Hub provides students with an open social space in which they can ask questions, share experiences and seek support.


In addition to Peer Support opportunities, you can make use of a number of Academic Societies implemented in your School. Whether you are looking for support in your studies, meeting like-minded students, networking or keeping up-to-date with your field of study’s latest news, they are the place to be! In the School of Veterinary Studies you can find the Veterinary Zoological Society (EVZS) which connects students to the network of exotic, zoological and wildlife medicine and husbandry organisations. Meanwhile, the Easter Bush Academic Society is based at the Easter Bush campus and is for those who love animal bio-science!


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