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Welcome to the School of GeoSciences Representation page.


Here you will find useful information about your School’s student representation system.


First of all, let us introduce you to your School Representatives. Each School has two School Reps whose role is to listen to you and bring any issues you raise to the relevant staff and committee meetings, such as the Student-Staff Liaison Committee or your School Council. In Geosciences, the Undergraduate School Representative is Shane O'Neill and the Postgraduate School Representative is Abi Gardner. Feel free to get in touch with them if you feel that you have something important to say to the School! Your School also contains Class Representatives who work very closely with the School Representatives, EUSA and the staff to ensure you make the most out of your courses. Potential areas Class Reps may engage with are issues with feedback, course content, and suitability of assessment.


The School Council is a democratic structure and forum that enables you to take a proactive approach to your student life. It is a way for you and your coursemates to voice your opinions about what is going on in your School, and you are entitled to bring up issues and ideas that you consider relevant to the student experience in these meetings. You can ask your School Representatives to talk on behalf of you, or you can talk for yourself and count on their help to bring these issues forward and support you. They take place at least once a semester, so keep an eye out for updates from your Reps and don’t forget to attend – the more students that show up, the better! The School of Geosciences set up their School Council last year and the Reps did a great job at ensuring that discussion was taken forward to School Staff and authorities. The main issues for discussion included the proposed building move of Geography students out to KB.


There are also 3 PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Schemes) groups within GeoSciences - GeogPALS (Geography), GeoPALS (Geology) and EcoPALS (Ecology). These groups run group study sessions for first year students. They all are meant to run throughout the year and accessible for all students who have modules within any of these subjects.


For further information look for ‘GeoSciences’ on this page:


In addition to Peer Support opportunities, you can make use of School-specific societies. Whether you are looking for support in your studies, meeting like-minded students, networking or keeping up-to-date with your field of study’s latest news, they are the place to be! In the School of GeoSciences you can find the Geographical Society which runs a number of social events, including pub quizzes and the Annual Spring Ball. The School also contains the Geological Society which is the perfect place to meet people on your course in other years. The Geological Society runs lectures, field trips, and socials throughout the year.


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