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Experience of Career Development - PG Class Rep

Tue 15 Dec 2015

The Class Rep experience has been an adventure, even through one semester. I have developed many new perspectives and with those perspectives have come new skills. The three skills I feel have been the most beneficial have been: encouraging participation, cross-cultural communication, and mediation.


Encouraging participation has been one of my key roles as a class rep. It has helped our program stick together throughout the learning process, as well as creating an environment in which classmates feel comfortable sharing. We are a diverse group, representing countries all over the globe. Our diversity highlights many new challenges that we may never have realized without the international perspectives.


The international representation has also developed the need to practice and develop cross-cultural communication. This has been necessary for English as a first language students as well as those who do not have English as a first language. It has been amazing to see the differences between one countries communication methods and another, even when they have the language in common. The need for clear communication has been an integral part of expressing ideas in group projects, and without the practice of dealing with a more diverse group I would not have been able to develop this skill further.


We have not faced many challenges as a class, outside of completing work and understanding new ideas, however those that we have faced have enlightened me to the need for healthy mediation. Not only from staff to students and students to staff, but between students as well. I have been happy to see the overall development of the group, growing in respect for each other while cultivating new ideas.


These three skills have been a very important aspect of my time as a class rep, and I believe they will have a long-term influence on my ability to represent people in the future.

Experience of Student Staff Liaison Committees - School of Education Class Rep

Mon 02 Nov 2015

Ok, so I admit that I only had a general understanding of what I was doing last year as a class rep. The online training was great, easy peasy to do at home with a cup of coffee. Loved it so here I am ready to go (pity I hadn't completed my training for first SSLC meeting! – It’s a learning curve!!!!!)

At the Education Studies 2a SSLC there was a high attendance by all reps. Many issues were raised, for example; Issues surrounding the late allocation of school placements for PEP visits and knock on effect regarding PEP task completion dates. These have been revised and extended. Issues were raised about the wasted time of walking up and down between campuses several times a day. Time wasted by it breaking study time and having to eat lunch on the run to make lectures. One of the main issues raised was work load. The volume of reading and preparation for both lectures and workshops. Having no school placements had made the workload manageable but now that PEP visits take up 'free' day that has been used so far this semester not that it was no longer free concerns were raised about workload. It was agreed that the reading be labelled as essential and where appropriate sections of importance identified. Concerns for workload were also raised in light of assessments beginning to flood in.

There was positivity too, workshop tutors were praised for their approachability, helpfulness and in general the effectiveness of the workshops. Lectures were over all positively viewed - except for the trek up and down.

All in all the meeting went well, all raised concerns were given time and consideration and responded to. It did run over and lasted longer than expected but no one cared, Katie brought in chocolates!! True form students!!! Positive, positive though, so far so good!!!

Experience of Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) - 4th Year Childhood Practice Class Rep

Mon 05 Oct 2015

I have been a class rep for the entire duration of my 3 years of my degree course in Childhood Practice and been truly enlightened. It has been a privilege liaising between my fellow students and course organisers. It has given me a greater insight into how tutors listen to students' concerns before implementing appropriate measures to alleviate stressors and oversights. My communication and negotiation skills have been heightened and complemented on by my course director.

As a part time student, my email has been my constant communication device as I lobbied students for their concerns to take to SSLC meetings. This was very effective. I was able to take a note of my peers' sometimes forceful points and couch them in more diplomatic terms. This helped produce greater reciprocity between myself and staff leading to instantaneous improvements in the course structure. Oversights in the Course Manual were immediately updated. Student frustrations and criticisms were listened to and fairly acted upon. Students feel empowered and part of the course design which remains flexible as different experiences and problems are constantly shared.

It has been a privilege to see this 2-way action in practice. It has also been useful to see things from another perspective.

Being a class rep has meant my confidence has grown tenfold. My interpersonal skills have also improved - having a positive impact on my work with parents and their young children in the Early Years setting I work at. I am able to listen more assiduously to criticisms and liaise more effectively with members of staff, putting new procedures in place. Whilst no longer being afraid to challenge the status quo, I can nonetheless recognise that sensitivity and diplomacy are essential tools in change management. It has been a useful foundation.


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