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Experience of Career Development - PG Class Rep

Tue 15 Dec 2015

The Class Rep experience has been an adventure, even through one semester. I have developed many new perspectives and with those perspectives have come new skills. The three skills I feel have been the most beneficial have been: encouraging participation, cross-cultural communication, and mediation.


Encouraging participation has been one of my key roles as a class rep. It has helped our program stick together throughout the learning process, as well as creating an environment in which classmates feel comfortable sharing. We are a diverse group, representing countries all over the globe. Our diversity highlights many new challenges that we may never have realized without the international perspectives.


The international representation has also developed the need to practice and develop cross-cultural communication. This has been necessary for English as a first language students as well as those who do not have English as a first language. It has been amazing to see the differences between one countries communication methods and another, even when they have the language in common. The need for clear communication has been an integral part of expressing ideas in group projects, and without the practice of dealing with a more diverse group I would not have been able to develop this skill further.


We have not faced many challenges as a class, outside of completing work and understanding new ideas, however those that we have faced have enlightened me to the need for healthy mediation. Not only from staff to students and students to staff, but between students as well. I have been happy to see the overall development of the group, growing in respect for each other while cultivating new ideas.


These three skills have been a very important aspect of my time as a class rep, and I believe they will have a long-term influence on my ability to represent people in the future.


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