Submit a motion to student council

Submit a Motion

You’re ready to make a statement of principle on an issue relating to students that will influence and shape the direction of the Students' Association, or submit an idea for a Students' Association campaign on an issue that affects students?


If yes, then you should submit a proposal to Student Council using the Motion Submission Form below. This is a motion that if passed at Student Council becomes official Students' Association policy, and your Sabbatical Officers will work to take it forward.


Check out our full list of current Students' Association policies which have passed at Student Council.


This should be the name and matriculation number of the student submitting the motion or the key contact person if it is being submitted on behalf of a School Council, Liberation Group, Section Group, or as Association Executive.

This should tell people what your motion is about. Be concise but clear.

Outline what you think that the Students' Association should do about the issue. These should be specific actions that the Sabbatical Officers or the Students' Associationas a whole can resolve to do, for example pressuring or lobbying bodies such as the University or the Government or publicising a particular stance on an issue. Please use a numbered list and be concise.

This section should contain all of the factual information that led to the submission of this motion. This might include statistics, conversations with students, Government policy, current law, the Students' Association policy, situations that have occurred etc. Please use a numbered list and be concise.

This section should provide reasons why we should act in the way described above. It may be a statement of belief drawn from the facts outlined above, or anything else that is a justification of acting in the way outlined, including the desired effects of that action if these are not necessarily clear. Please use a numbered list and be concise.
3. SIGNATURES Unless you are submitting this motion through a School Council, Liberation Group, Section Group, or as Association Executive you require twenty signatures from matriculated students. Please note the name and matriculation number of each of your fellow students who support this motion.

If you would like your motion to be advertised on the Students' Association’s website and social media channels then please provide us with a short supporting statement. This could take the form of a quote from you or another student on what has led to this motion and how it will benefit students if it passes.



You should submit your motion in advance of the Student Council meeting using our Motion Submission Form to the left. The deadline for submitting this is 9 am on the Tuesday of the week before the meeting (i.e. ten days before the meeting). Remember to fill in the required signatures and think about what evidence you have to support your motion.


If your campaign or project includes a request for Student Council funding, then you should include this in the 'what will we do?' section of the Motion Submission Form explaining why the funding is required and how it will be used to benefit students.


The draft papers for the meeting of Student Council will be sent out shortly after this and amendments to motions will be accepted until 9 am on the Monday of the week of the meeting. Any student can submit an amendment by completing the amendments form and emailing it to If you are unsure then the deadlines for submitting to Student Council can be found here.


Your motion will be debated at Student Council and if passed will become official policy of the Students' Association.


Your Sabbatical Officers will work to take the new Students’ Association policy forward.