Your Ideas

Submit your ideas for change

Any student at the University of Edinburgh can submit a proposal to change the Students’ Association, the University, the community or another aspect of student life.


Submit a motion to Student Council

Student Council is the Students’ Association’s main decision making body. Its purpose is to facilitate an inclusive space for students to discuss proposals (called motions). Any student can attend, submit motions, and vote at Student Council.


If you have a specific idea, have evidence that you know it’s an issue for students and you are clear about what you want to achieve then you can submit a motion to Student Council using our Motion Submission Form.


If your motion passes at Student Council, then it becomes official Students’ Association policy. This directs the organisation to work on taking it forward, although change is not always instant.  


If you wish to amend the democracy regulations, censure an officer, or submit a referendum question, you will need to submit an Extraordinary Motion


Unsure where to start?

Do you have an idea for something you would like to change at the Students’ Association, but you’re really unsure where to start? You can get in touch with the Representation and Democracy Team using our Ideas Submission Form and we will see how we can help. Here you can also get in touch with us to find out about lots of opportunities to find funding to support your ideas, projects and events.


Finally, if you have an idea about something big then you might want to submit a referendum question. These are ideas that you think need a steer from the whole student body or that you think will be more successful if they have been endorsed by Edinburgh student body as a whole. Get in touch with us to find out more!